What is the Cost of Hiring Residential Movers

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The cost of the residential moving services is the first thing that comes into the mind of homeowners when they are planning to hire residential movers to help them move their homes. Based on the cost, homeowners will decide whether they should hire the residential movers or move the house themselves. There are a few factors that determine your moving cost. The cost will depend on whether you are moving to a nearby or long distance neighborhood.

Hiring Residential Movers

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The moving company will charge you based on an hourly fee. The hourly rate applies when the movers are packing up your items into the boxes, loading the boxes into the truck and driving the truck to your new residential destination. The more time the movers spent, the more expensive the moving fee will be. You can reduce the moving cost by making the necessary preparations. Doing so allows them to quickly finish the moving job. The moving cost is also influenced by the area where you live in. For example, the moving cost will be more expensive in an urban area.

The moving fee is usually negotiable so you should not be afraid of talking to the moving company and bargaining them for a lower price. The moving fee will include moving labor fee, travel fee, packing fee, and packing materials. There are a variety of extra fees the moving company can charge. For example, if many of your household items are heavy, they can incur an additional fee for the laborious handling.

The residential movers can also charge extra fees if it is very troublesome for them to carry the household items to the truck. For example, your apartment has no elevator and they have to walk a long way to the stairs to move your household furniture into the truck. For this reason, you should try to make it easy for your movers to move the items to the truck. You should make sure that the parking space in front of your apartment is reserved so that the truck don’t have to park a long distance away.

Besides, the moving company can also charge you extra stop fee if you want to stop by several places to pick up some more goods. Whatever that you want to move should be assembled at your old home so that the movers can pack them all at once. If you don’t yet have the key to your new place and need to put the items in storage, you will have to pay for the storage fee for your items to be temporarily placed in a storage facility.

The moving cost also depend on the how big is your residence. The bigger your house, the more time the movers is going to spend on moving the items so the moving cost will also be expensive. For example, it takes an average of 3 hours to move a studio apartment but it can take up to 8 hours to move a three bedroom house. If you have no time to pack and unpack your items, you can let the moving company help you. The cost of the packing materials are usually included in the surcharge for the packing and unpacking services.

The cost of the long distance moves is calculated based on the total weight of the shipment and the distance to the new home. To find out the moving cost, you will first have to obtain an estimate quote either by filling an online form or calling the representative at the hotline number. After you compare the estimate quotes from several companies, you will know which company is offering the best price for the moving services. You can invite the staff from the moving company to come over to your house and assess the situation. you can ask the movers to put the moving quote into a binding written agreement.

The moving date can also affect your moving cost. The moving cost is more expensive if the moving date occurs in the peak moving season in between May to September. The moving cost can also increase if you move during the weekends or holiday season. You also have to take into account the cost of the moving insurance in your moving cost. It is best to purchase a full insurance so that you can get compensated properly for damaged or loss item. It is advised that you don’t chose the basic liability protection as the compensation that you will get for damaged and loss items is too low.

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