Semi Truck Chrome for That Summer Bling

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The summer is here, and everyone wants to take advantage of the sunny weather. Truck drivers are no exception to this, of course. If you want to fully enjoy the summer months, you’ll want a truck that looks great shining in the sun. Some semi truck chrome accents can give your vehicle that summer bling. They shine in the sunlight and give your truck an awesome, polished look.

Semi Truck

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Fenders on trucks serve an important practical purpose keeping dirt and debris from flying out from the wheels. That doesn’t mean that they can’t look good, however. Chrome fenders can turn a normally unexciting part of your truck into an impressive sight shining in the sunlight. Better yet, fenders are relatively easy to swap provided that you have the right ones for your truck


Give your cab a dazzling look with an Iowa 80 semi truck chrome visor. These affix to the top of your windshield to keep the sun out of your eyes and keep your cabin cool. They are also a great chance to add a stylish chrome touch to your vehicle. They are available in a variety of styles and looks.

  • Bow tie
  • Gangster
  • Darwin
  • Wicked
  • Drop visors
  • Lighted


The front of your cab can look even cooler if you add a chrome bumper. Choose from a boxed end, gullwing, open end, set back, tapered and many other options for your bumpers. Much like fenders, bumpers serve an important purpose. Why not opt for a chrome finish? They look especially good when reflecting your LED marker lights at night.

Vent Shades

Add a chrome touch to the top of your windows and other cabin vents. These keep the rain out of your truck when you have the vents open. They also give you an opportunity to add a chrome finish to your vehicle. Shining in the sunlight, these are a great accent for your semi truck.

Hood Ornament

Many trucks have some branding on the hood of the manufacturer. However, you don’t need to settle for what came with the truck. Swap that boring branding for a chrome hood ornament that represents you. Some options are even illuminated with LEDs to give your hood an aggressive look that is unmistakably cool.

Axel Covers

Keep your wheel protected with some axel covers or hubcaps in chrome. There are so many options for these essential parts of your wheel assemblies. There is no reason to stick with a boring, plain look. Get chrome axel covers or hubcaps that let your truck shine in the sunlight.

Get Started

There are so many options for customizing semi trucks. As a truck driver, you spend a lot of time on the road. So, you should know about maintenance’s step to make vehicle long lasting. You may as well get around in a vehicle that reflects who you are and makes you proud.

Chrome in the sunlight is an impressive sight. Since the summer months are here, you should take the chance to customize your semi truck’s look. Impress everyone on the road and at the truck stop with dazzling chrome. Get started customizing your semi truck chrome today.

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