Honda Accord Aftermarket Buying Guide

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It’s no wonder why the Honda Accord has been a top-selling model in the United States for the last few decades. You choose yours for several good reasons: versatility, fuel economy, dependability and an established track record for safety. More than that, it’s just plain fun to drive. Whether you’re a new or experienced DIYer, you can keep it that way with regular maintenance and high-quality aftermarket parts and accessories. With everything from Honda Accord brake pads to front strut assemblies, learning more about the parts you buy can help you select the best ones for your vehicle.

Defining OEM and Aftermarket Parts

Auto parts retailers typically categorize components by the systems that they comprise: suspension, braking, engine, exhaust and fuel delivery, to name a few. That makes it easy to quickly narrow down the items you need for any repair, maintenance or upgrade project. Moreover, these parts come in two flavours: OEM and aftermarket. “OEM” stands for the original equipment manufacturer, which means these parts would have been part of a vehicle’s original factory assembly. Aftermarket components are made by other manufacturers either for universal fit applications or for specific makes and models of vehicle. Some aftermarket components are direct replacements, meaning that they fit and perform in the same manner as their OEM equivalents. Others are intended to change or tweak vehicle performance in a variety of ways.

When To Use Aftermarket Components

For savvy shoppers, it’s vital to know when to choose OEM or aftermarket parts. You might choose OEM when it comes to engine, body or most electrical system repairs. In many cases, however, aftermarket items will serve you well with fitment and performance. Aftermarket components can offer several great benefits:

  • Prices lower than OEM parts
  • A wide selection of products
  • Meeting or exceeding OEM standards

Choosing the Best Parts for Your Honda

Whether you just need to quickly replace an oil filter or you’re an experienced DIYer looking for a new strut assembly, you should obtain these replacements from reputable manufacturers. For instance, many brands of Honda Accord air filters deliver cool, comfortable air inside your cabin. Some top aftermarket makers include STP, K&N Performance Filters and ACDelco, all with reputations for producing parts that meet high-quality standards. Other examples include Dorman, Champion, NGK, Bosch, Delphi, Motorcraft and Duralast. These makers prove that “aftermarket” isn’t synonymous with poor quality, as they strive to offer products that deliver consistent and reliable performance inside your vehicle.

Shop From a Reputable Parts Retailer

Of course, the other key things to keep in mind when shopping for aftermarket components. Choosing a trustworthy, dependable retailer is important to ensure you get the best balance of competitive pricing, customer service and quality. Convenient shopping is another benefit, so make sure your chosen source offers tools that make your next Honda Accord battery or any other gear easy to find. Category links quickly narrow down your product selections. Some also provide tools that let you confirm fitment, namely as drop-down menus from which you select your vehicle’s make, model, year and engine style.

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