Keep the Kids Entertained During Traffic

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When you are sitting in traffic routinely, such as folks who live in the megalopolis of Los Angeles, or even those who have to take the commute over the many bridges of the New York City metropolis area, then you know just how much of a pain it can be to have kids screaming and bouncing around in the back seat. Of course, you have to deliver your kids to school on time – there is simply no getting around this first order of business in the day. But you do not need to start out your day with a bunch of arguments and screaming. There is one surefire way to keep your kids quiet on their way into school, even in the worst kind of traffic jam delays.

Kids Entertained During Traffic

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Many parents make the mistake bringing food along in the car to help keep their kids quiet. While this could be a great idea, and it may just seem like it prior to implementing it for the first-and last- time, you will quickly find out that cleaning up the huge mess the kids leave each and every time is just as defeating as their back seat antics, and more humiliating. You do not exist to serve your kids, so there is no need for you to have to clean up after their huge mess each morning.

If you want your kids to be quiet in the back seat, and you do not want to serve as their butler and housekeeper after every morning commute, you need to invest in just a toy or two that they are fascinated by. Take them on a drive to Toys R Us and let them pick out one car toy. This toy should stay in the car exclusively. You can make sure to get a good deal on these by heading to Toys R Us’ Groupon Coupon page, where you can instantly snag 15% off, $5 off, and other great savings. Of course, your kid may grow tired of their “car toy” eventually, and you may need to keep a rotating stock of toys to keep their interest level high. But no longer will you need to listen to their crazy screaming on your morning commute!

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