10 Most Shocking Car Crash Tests Recorded in the History

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Cars being manufactured now are very safe due to the advanced engineering put into them. Some amazing innovations have been done in car safety department the past few years which have resulted in a drastic decrease in the number of injuries reported from car accidents. We have prepared a list of 10 fatal car safety tests with crash test videos for you to enjoy.

1. Limousine Crash Test

The most common car used by the rich and famous people, the stretch limousine was tested by the British TV Show Fifth Gear. The Lincoln town car Limo was made to hit a solid wall at a good 50 mph. And as you would have guessed, the front section of the Limo was completely devastated and so was the interior.

2. Ford Pinto (1971 – 1976)

This was perhaps the scariest crash tests in the history. According to the video, on a rear impact, the nuts and bolts from the rear axle would puncture the tank separating the fuel filler neck and hence causing the Pinto to leak fuel. This made the Ford Pinto catch fire in just a matter of time.

3. 1990s Ford Focus

No automaker on earth crash tests their car on 120 mph, but the TV show Fifth Gear did it with the 1990’s Ford Focus. This can be called the most brutal crash test ever recorded, check for yourself.

4. Ford F150 vs Honda Civic

A Large truck crashing into a sedan can be a very bad news for the latter. The video shows a crash test conducted by the IIHS between the Ford F150 and the Civic and of course the Civic can be seen receiving maximum damage. The second part of the video shows F150 with an increased height which helps the truck to suffer comparatively lesser damage. In 2000, Ford installed blocked beams in their large trucks so that the sedan cars can better align with these trucks.

5. 2010 Mercedes SLS AMG

Not only the family sedan cars go through a crash test, even the most expensive sports car have to suffer the same. In this video, the 2010 Mercedes SLS AMG is being tested both by head on and rollover crash. Notice how easily the gullwing doors of the Mercedes come off after the rollover test.

6. 2013 Tesla Model S

The NHTSA gave theTesla Model S, highest rating than any other car previously As Tesla Motors designs electric vehicles, there is no engine installed in the front section of the car. This provides a large room for the front part of the car to absorb energies from the collision.

7. 1962 Cadillac vs 2002 Cadillac

There is absolutely no competition between a car that was introduced in 1962 another that came out around 35 years after it. But TV shows such as Stuntbusters do such tests just to give their viewers a good show. The old Caddy went through the damaged equivalent of throwing it from an 18 story building.

8. Tata Nano

Everyone knows about the Tata Nano, the cheapest car manufactured by the Indian automaker. But few know that this cheapest car received a zero rating in the crash test conducted by NCAP.

9. Volkswagen Vanagon

The third generation VW Vanagon manufactured between 1979 and 1991 may be very old but surprisingly they performed really well in the crash tests mainly because of the great deformation zone in the front section of the van.

10. Geely CK

The Geely CK sedan by the Chinese manufacturer Geely automobiles may be the most unsafe sedan you could buy. The video shows how even the roof of the sedan crumbled due to the crash.

The Geely CK received an overall zero out of five rating in the crash test.

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