2015 Mustang Auto Reviews
2015 Mustang Sales are Off to a Great Start
By | April 15th, 2015

Long a beloved vehicle by many car enthusiasts, the Ford Mustang GT is once again proving to be America’s sweetheart in 2015. According to recent market research from Autodata, Ford’s Mustang sales ticked up more than 36 percent in March compared to the same period last year. The entirety of the auto manufacturer’s first-quarter numbers…

  • LaFerrari

    6 Most Expensive Supercars to Ever Hit Dubai

    By Asim | July 3rd, 2015
    Dubai is an ultimate attraction for luxury and super carmakers. The city that features world's tallest building and extends its territory through world's largest man made islands is the perfect place to score sales of multi-million dollar cars, which are otherwise hard to squeeze into automobile markets. Just to get an idea, check out new Audi car prices in UAE, you will realise average sports cars don't come cheap, let alone supercars. It makes you wonder, how pricey should a car be to become too good for Dubai? Here is the list of most expensive cars in Dubai. Lamborghini Veneno Roadster - AED 16.5 Million ($4,50 Read More →
  • What to Do with That Old Clunker Rotting in Your Drive-Way

    By Bilal Amjad | July 2nd, 2015
    In Utah, there are ways to get rid of that old, broken-down car. In about five minutes, you can have a quote from a private dealer, and get cash for the car you’re not using. It doesn’t matter what’s wrong with the broken car. It still has value! So, don’t turn it over to a junk yard until you’ve exasperated all your other options. Private Buyers Want to Buy Your Junked Car Look to private buyers that offer cash for clunkers in Utah, such as Car Sold for Cash, which specializes in buying cars that don’t run, or “need some TLC.” They’ll even pick your car up for free wherever it’s located, so you d Read More →
  • Used Car

    How to Get the Best Price for a Used Car

    By Asim | June 30th, 2015
    Many of us choose to buy used cars over new ones because we think they’re better value – and they are – but you still want to make sure that when you splash your hard-earned cash you’re truly getting the best deal around. Although it’s often the most expensive purchase most of us make – after a home – many of us don’t actually know the tips and tricks to ensure we're in the driving seat when it comes to negotiating a good price. So with that in mind, here’s a guide to putting your best foot forward and help you get the very best deal on your next used car. Do the Deal Before Getting In When shop Read More →
  • Motorbike

    Stay Fully Protected on Your Motorbike

    By Suhail Ajmal | June 30th, 2015
    Motorcycles are involved in a significant amount of more road accidents than cars. The number of motorbike fatalities has dropped in recent years but bike riders are still nearly 40 times more likely to be killed in a road accident than car drivers. For this reason alone it is imperative all motorcycle riders ensure they do as much as it takes to be protected and safe before and during every journey. It’s not just you that can be hurt in road accidents but others too, so a sense of responsibility must be taken. (more…) Read More →
  • Nissan Juke R 2.0

    Nissan Juke R 2.0 Debuts with 600 HP

    By Suhail Ajmal | June 29th, 2015
    After its first appearance nearly 4 years ago, the new Juke R 2.0 from Nissan made its first appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, sporting a rather edgier, more aggressive look than its predecessor. A crossover between an SUV and a GT-R, the Nissan Juke is expected to feature 3.8-liter, twin turbocharged V6 engine, the same engine to be featured in the GT-R Nismo supercar, presumably the most powerful production car to ever come out of Japan. This means that the Juke R is expected to feature 600 horsepower and nearly 652 Nm of torque. Other features include a six-speed dual-clutch transmission and hi-tech a Read More →

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