Ford Ranger Wildtrak vs Holden Colorado Z71 Auto Reviews
Ford Ranger Wildtrak vs Holden Colorado Z71
By | May 19th, 2017

Forget buying the latest luxury sedan or a stylish SUV, if you really want to experience ute driving.The two best options are the Ford Ranger Wildtrak and its competitor, the Holden Colorado Z71. Both the diesel dual-cab utes are phenomenal in their own way which is why we have brought you an unbiased comparison between…

  • Audi A4

    Top 5 High-Tech Cars of 2017

    By Eric J. Leech | June 27th, 2017
    As we move further and further into a technological revolution, our cars are almost getting smarter than us. I’d imagine for most of us, if we won the lottery and shiny, brand new car would be on the shopping list. So, let’s look at what’s been on offer in 2017. 5. Audi A4 This fifth-generation model of A4 comes with some crazy technology. With its very own virtual cockpit. When you are driving, the information you need is consistently changing, so the Audi Virtual Cockpit changes with you. It means all the information you need is directly in front of you, including a view of where you are from Google Earth Read More →
  • Best Cars for Young Drivers

    Best Cars for Young Drivers – Car Insurance Tips and Advice for Young Drivers

    By Nitin | June 21st, 2017
    Best Cars for Young Drivers Getting a new set of wheels is exciting, especially if it’s your first. Here’s how to pick ‘The One’. You may have seen the recent pictures of 17-year old Brooklyn Beckham learning to drive. Nothing particularly newsworthy in itself. That is, until you see the car he was learning to drive in. A brand new C-Class Mercedes capable of reaching 60mph in eight seconds, with a top speed of around 140mph. All in, worth a cool €48,000. Nice if you can afford it, but not the most practical choice for most of us. If you don’t have a former pop star and a world famous footballer as pare Read More →
  • 15 Really Useful In-Car Technologies

    By Bilal Amjad | June 19th, 2017
    No question that today we can boast “better living through technology” but keeping up to speed on the most recent advancements can be exhausting, particularly in the automotive field. This article provides a barefoot dash through 9 of the most useful technologies that are available on automobiles today. In general, the more expensive the automobile, the more of these technologies you will find, however many are available on lesser-priced vehicles as options or accessories. 1. USB Ports USB ports are a great way to charge accessories and listen to music through audio devices without a wireless function, such a Read More →
  • Covering UK Road Laws and Their Implication

    Covering UK Road Laws and Their Implication

    By Suhail Ajmal | June 19th, 2017
    Experts at Van Monster have shared results of their research on various road laws across UK, along with brief implication of the laws. Rule 148: No Smoking with a Minor Smoking is prohibited for everyone while driving/ riding with a person below the age of 18 in private vehicles across UK and Wales. The rule extends to all passengers on board with the minor. Consequences of Breaking this Rule Law breakers can face a fine of £50. Situation on Ground A total of 42 police forces responded to disclose the statistics and findings on this rule in accordance with Freedom of Information Act on request from BBC. Read More →
  • VIN Number Never Lies

    The VIN Number Never Lies

    By Aqeel Arif | June 8th, 2017
    When you’re buying a second-hand car, there are a number of factors which can really affect your choice; these include the mileage, equipment, technical condition and number of previous owners, to name but a few. This is why more and more buyers decide to check the VIN number before they make their choice. The VIN number is a vehicle ID; every vehicle has a unique VIN number. You can find it in the documentation (the registration book) and on the body of the car. Depending on the make and model, it can be found on the firewall, on the floor next to the passenger seat, on the left side of the dashboard, etc. P Read More →

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