Stay Fully Protected on Your Motorbike

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Motorcycles are involved in a significant amount of more road accidents than cars. The number of motorbike fatalities has dropped in recent years but bike riders are still nearly 40 times more likely to be killed in a road accident than car drivers.


For this reason alone it is imperative all motorcycle riders ensure they do as much as it takes to be protected and safe before and during every journey. It’s not just you that can be hurt in road accidents but others too, so a sense of responsibility must be taken.

Wear the Correct Clothing

The most obvious way to be well protected when riding a motorbike is to wear the best quality, appropriate clothing. When riding a motorcycle you are far more exposed than in a car, with no protection besides what you’re wearing.

Like with anything the best quality gear is the most expensive but almost as important as the bike itself, so going for a cheap option should be avoided. A helmet is of course essential and must be worn at all times, though requirements are different for many countries. Many riders will go for all black leathers yet investing in brighter coloured clothing will make you easier to be seen by fellow road users.

Ride Defensively

Riding defensively is advisable for all car drivers as well, but considering the heightened vulnerability motorbike riders experience it is vital to staying safe. Being alert and observant all the time is of great importance as one little slip can have a much larger impact than driving a car.

If you feel tired avoid riding a motorcycle. Always anticipate what other road users are going to do and assume they could stop at any time. Leave a decent gap between others and check over your shoulder when turning or manoeuvring.

Take Out Breakdown Cover

The same as with other vehicles, motorcycles have their own faults which aren’t necessarily down to you or other riders. As well as being properly insured make sure you have excellent motorcycle breakdown cover in case of suffering problems midway through a journey.

Various price options are usually available with the cost matching the service. Roadside assistance and recovery are essential, while a replacement vehicle is sometimes offered. Extras such as European cover prove useful for certain individuals. Paying for a garage to come out and fix or remove your bike can be costly so to protect your finances along with yours and others health, this is a highly advisable option.

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