Different Coverage Plans Offered by Endurance Warranty

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If you’re concerned about what your manufacturer‘s warranty does and does not cover when it comes to car issues, you’re not alone. It can be tough to read past the fine print and figure out what you’re actually signing up for when you buy a new or pre-owned car straight from a dealer. That’s why Endurance is here to help. With different plans to suit a range of car owner’s needs, Endurance offers support and additional coverage to your vehicle no matter what happens down the line. Take a look at the plans offered by Endurance to see which one is right for you.

Different Coverage Plans Offered by Endurance Warranty

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Select Premier:

If you’re someone who drives for work or drives long distances to arrive at work, chances are it doesn’t take you long to rack up a whole lot of mileage on your vehicle. You’re also someone who might encounter a whole range of high mileage-related issues with your car. Endurance believes that you should be able to get fair coverage on your vehicle without having to pay extra simply because your car is in high use. A Select Premier plan will cover the basics and the essentials of car maintenance while making sure you’re able to stay on the road for longer.


A Secure plan is for drivers who want all the basics covered, along with a few extra perks like 24/7 roadside assistance and rental car benefits. You’ll be able to take full advantage of Endurance’s exceptional coverage policy at an affordable rate, without having to pay extra to cover less common car issues. If you’re someone who wants to rest easy knowing that issues with things like seals and gaskets and transmission problems are fully covered, a Secure plan could be right for you.


With a Superior plan, you’re going the extra mile toward making sure your car stays safe both on and off the road. With air conditioner, brakes, electrical, and fuel maintenance covered, you’ll be able to stay secure in the knowledge that whatever happens, your warranty has your back. A Superior plan covers nearly everything a driver could worry about, along with extra perks like rental benefits and access to over 350,000 certified mechanics throughout the U.S.


When you purchase a Supreme plan, you’re investing in a worry-free, problem-free future for you and your vehicle. With a full-coverage guarantee, plus exclusionary coverage to help with any issues that might come up later, you’ll be fully prepared for any problems that come your way. A Supreme warranty package quite simply leaves nothing to chance, allowing you and your vehicle to take care of any issues quickly and without any additional cost to you.

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