Five Practical Improvements That Increase Car Performance and Value

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Virtually every car, truck, and SUV on the face of the planet has its share of pros and cons. Some of them focus on style over substance. And while others aim for car performance over simplicity. What you need out of a vehicle? It is normally depending on your life. Even the most perfect vehicle on the surface might not be the best choice for you. As such, choosing a relevant vehicle is an absolute must.

However, this is where many people stop. Not only is it important to choose the right vehicle. Moreover, it’s also vital that you maximize its performance and maintain its value for as long as possible. There are many potential tweaks and custom projects that can enhance the beauty, performance and long-term value of a vehicle. However, many vehicles do not provide all three benefits. But a combination of these can truly improve your vehicle’s longevity.

Whether you drive a luxury vehicle or have been behind the wheel of the same car performance for the past decade, getting the most out of its remaining life and value is crucial.

Modifications that Make your Car Performance Good

Let’s look at five practical improvements you can make to your vehicle that’ll boost performance and value.

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Cold Air Intake

It is one of the simplest modifications for any vehicle. a cold air intake job can be handled within an hour or so. This is a relatively affordable procedure that can be completed for as little as $100. And it provides your vehicle’s engine with less restrictive airflow. Cold air intakes work by replacing the OEM airbox on a car with one that allows the engine to enjoy more airflow.

The end result is that the engine can handle more air in the same amount of time. Therefore, it can be particularly helpful in situations where you need to accelerate rapidly. This allows the vehicle to enjoy better performance and is a valuable addition in the resale of an automobile. If you want to learn more about cold air intake systems, then click here for more info.

Premium Tires

Getting a new set of tires every so often is a necessary part of car maintenance. It can be easy to default to a cheaper set of tires. But improving car performance and value can be done without breaking the bank. Car owners can enjoy better fuel economy and improved handling through a set of high-performance tires when behind the wheel.

A set of premium tires will usually cost anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand dollars. But the price tag partially obscures its benefits. High-performance tires are made with special compounds that last considerably longer unlike most sets of standard tires. These tires also interact with the road differently, reducing the habit of tires conforming to the surface in question.

Premium tires are a great investment for those who do not experience extreme winters or extremely wet driving conditions on a consistent basis.

Computer Tuning

It’s no secret that newer vehicles are almost entirely controlled in some way by computers. It is done with advanced electronics found in most automotive systems. Even relatively small glitches in programming can cause massive reductions in car performance. That can impact the long-term value of the car if not corrected.

Expert computer tuning can produce a world of benefits in terms of the vehicle’s performance. This procedure usually costs a few hundred dollars. It involves updating or tweaking the car’s computer data to reflect any additional changes made after purchase. If you’ve recently changed any other performance-related aspects of the car you can feel the change. For example, updating the firmware in the vehicle to reflect these changes can result in better driving results.

There are two main types of computer tunes, depending on your exact needs. A self-service tune is generally the more affordable option. But it is also more rigid in terms of adapting to any future changes. A Dynotune is built precisely off of the form factors and performance of your vehicle and generally produces better results.

High-Quality Seating

One might assume that the seats in your vehicle are optimized for driving conditions. However, this is hardly ever the case. In fact, most stock seating is poorly designed in terms of making the driving experience both pleasurable and efficient. As such, many have sought to install high-quality seating replacements, often known as racing seats and/or harnesses.

While this might not be the ideal modification for all vehicles. There is an inherent benefit in doing so. The added comfort and support provided by the seat ensures that you’re more ergonomically situated. This update can reduce strain and pain from long road trips. Likewise, the design of the seat helps hold the driver in position even when navigating tight curves.

Ultimately, these benefits not only add true value to the vehicle in the long term. But it also makes it possible for drivers to react more quickly to driving decisions such as braking, steering and accelerating.

High-Intensity Discharge Headlights

Adding both value and performance, high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights are a great investment. These super-bright bulbs are reasonably priced, with many options available for less than $100. Many people can also successfully replace their bulbs, avoiding additional expenses.

HID headlights are very helpful to increase the amount of visibility on the roads at night for drivers, providing legitimate safety benefits. There are a variety of different HID color temperatures, providing different hues and tints depending on your tastes. There are several different types of HIDs: some are better than others at projecting the light directly forward.

One major concern when upgrading to HID headlights is the brightness of the bulbs for other drivers. There are restrictions and regulations on how bright headlights can be in many locales. As such, it is always important to verify that you are following the law with any headlight upgrade.

Every improvement to a vehicle offers benefits in one or more ways. But customizing for the purposes of improving long-term resale value and car performance should be top priorities. These five auto improvements can dramatically increase the overall day-to-day performance. And they help to insulate your vehicle against the ravages of the used car market simultaneously.

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