Reasons To Consider Buying a Small Car

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Is your current car on its last few miles? If so, and if you don’t have a family to drive around, you should give serious thought to not only downsizing to a more fuel efficient car, but also a smaller car. No matter how tall you are, there’s sure to be a great auto for you that’s small in size and big on satisfaction. Here are some more reasons to explore your options for compact vehicles:

Buying a Small Car

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Low Price Point:

One of the biggest selling points for small vehicles is that they aren’t as expensive as their larger counterparts, which makes sense. Even if you have a generous budget when it comes to shopping for a new vehicle, there’s nothing wrong with saving money if you’re still happy with your final choice. Any money you save can go towards insurance, gas, car registration, future maintenance and the like.

You May Not Need As Much Space As You Think:

Just as homebuyers sometimes purchase more home than they actually need, the same can apply to anyone in the market for a new car. You know your lifestyle and driving habits better than anyone, so think about what (and who) you usually haul around in your vehicle. If you’re single and a student, then you likely don’t need a vehicle with as much space as someone with a large family or someone in a band who needs a large vehicle to haul equipment. While you may prefer the look of a larger vehicle, you could be wasting money, as well as space, by overlooking a smaller car.

Top-Shelf Technology Is Often Standard:

Car technology has come a long way, and compact automobiles can come standard with the newest auto innovations without you having to spring for the most expensive tech package. That could be reason enough for you to ask to see smaller vehicles first before considering your options for regular-sized sedans, SUVs and other larger automobile models. Cutting-edge technology could make every mile in your vehicle that much more enjoyable and safer.

Your Upkeep Is Likely To Be Less Expensive:

Don’t let your excitement about getting a new car blind you to future costs. Your new ride will eventually need to have some work done on it, and opting for a smaller make and model could pave the way for smaller repair costs. Depending on the type of engine that your car has, it may not need anything more than a regular oil change and timing belt replacement. That said, you’ve got to make sure you do your part to take proper care of your small vehicle to keep the cost of maintenance as low as possible.

Parking And Navigating Are More Enjoyable:

If you currently drive a large truck or SUV or have done so in the past, then you already know how cumbersome they can be when it comes to navigating smaller roads and parking. When you’re behind the wheel of a compact vehicle, you can easily slip through traffic, making sure you do so safely, of course. Parking also becomes a breeze, no matter if you live in a city where parallel parking is common and parking spots are hard to come by, or if you live in a rural area.

You Get Better Fuel Economy:

Besides the original cost of your vehicle, insurance, and registration, there’s also the ongoing cost of keeping your car gassed up. Compact and subcompact automobiles don’t require as much gas to fill up compared to larger cars, and there are plenty of fuel-efficient small cars to choose from.

No matter how much you may like your current car make and model, you may be happier with something smaller. Be sure to keep these small car advantages in mind when you’re at the car dealership and doing online research on your next set of wheels.

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