Buying A Used Lexus? Make Sure You Follow This Guide First!

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Are you thinking of buying a luxurious and tech-centric used car soon? If so, you will doubtless have cars like BMWs on your shortlist. But, one marque you need to consider is Lexus.

Sure, they might not have as large a share of the market as their competitors. But, they are taking the luxury car market by storm in Europe and beyond! Take the Lexus RX, for example. Not only is it a popular choice for the discerning SUV driver, but also for family motorists too!

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If you’re planning on buying a “fully loaded” car like one of the Lexus models, it makes sense to go for a used vehicle. All savvy motorists will tell you that you should only buy used cars, and lease brand new ones.

Of course, leasing isn’t for everyone. In essence, you are just renting the car for a short period and then you have to give it back. But, when you own the car you want, you don’t have to worry about finance payments or what condition the vehicle will be in after three years!

Today’s handy guide will show you how to get yourself the best deal on a used Lexus model and the tricks of the trade you need to know.

How new do you want to go?

If you want the latest generation of a Lexus model on sale, you might have thought about getting a brand new one. Of course, it makes better sense to buy a used one instead. Is there any way of getting the best of both worlds, so to speak?

The answer is yes! If you’ve got the cash, you can always buy a Lexus that’s only a few months old. You save thousands off the list price of a brand new equivalent, and the car will still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Jason from Inchcape Lexus says that used models that are less than a year old are good buys. Especially as many of them are just ex-demo cars and spend some of their time in the showroom, sheltered from the elements!

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The test drive

When you see a Lexus you want to buy, it is crucial that you take it for a test drive as you would any other vehicle. There are two goals you need to satisfy when you take a Lexus out on the road.

First, you need to make sure that you are fully confident driving the car. And, second, you have to check for any strange noises, smells or other issues. In general, the build quality of Lexus models is high, and you will seldom find any lemons on the used car market.

If you want to be assured of quality, it’s worth sticking to official Lexus dealers.

Background checks

Just because the car is a Lexus doesn’t mean it might not have a cloaked history. Just like you’d do with any used car purchase, it’s essential you run some background checks on the one you want to buy.

A Carfax report is a good place to start. You should also ask to see copies of the car’s service history, and the ownership documents.

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Now that you know what to do, it’s time to go shopping for a Lexus. Good luck!

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