Why Buying A Used Car Might Be Better

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Sometimes it just makes sense to buy used. Don’t buy into the argument that buying a brand-new car is “better” – sometimes it might not be. Sure, there are plenty of campaigns out there that suggest how patriotic it is to buy new (because it stimulates the economy) and helps save the environment (because new cars pollute less). The bottom line is that sometimes getting a new car is best for a given person and sometimes buying a used car is best.  In this article we will explore several real good reasons that you should walk by the new cars at your local dealer and head right to their used car lot.


Fuel Efficiency Isn’t the Whole Story

New cars usually get better gas mileage than older cars but there is more to the story.By some estimates, more than 25% of a car’s lifetime carbon dioxide emissions come from the manufacturing process. Since a used car has already gone through the manufacturing phase, there is no additional manufacturing pollution to emit when one goes with the used car option. If going green is truly driving your purchase(pun intended), consider the fact that a new car generates plenty of pollution before you put on the first mile.

Higher Insurance Rates

If you are driving a used car now, your premiums will go up a great deal if you buy a new car. And, full coverage is mandatory if you have a car loan (after all the bank needs to protect its investment). When you drive a used car that is paid off (i.e. no loan), you may be able to get by with liability insurance which is a fraction of a new car’s insurance.

Higher Registration Costs

The fees and formulas vary from state to state, but typically, licensing and registration costs are directly related to the value of your car. If you buy a new car, you may need to pay over $1000 a year for local registration fees.  For a used car?Usually a fraction of that.

Higher Repair Standards

Cars and trucks get scratched and dinged up as they are used. When you have a new vehicle, the tendency is to fix these as quickly as they occur.  When you drive an old car, somehow all those minor blemishes don’t seem to matter as much.

The decision to own used is typically a very personal one.  There is nothing wrong with buying a new car and enjoying all it has to offer, of course.  And there are many, many reasons that drivers may prefer to buy new. For those that decide to go used, however, picture every blemish and bump as masked by the dollar signs – the dollars saved by accepting some imperfections in life.

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