The Things We Forget To Do When We Buy A Used Car

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When we go out and buy a used car, most of us remember to do the “usual” checks. For example, verifying the car’s history and making sure it wasn’t reported as stolen or written off. Because we lead such busy lives, a lot of used car buyers put plenty of trust in what a dealer has to tell them.

While most dealers ensure the cars they sell are fit for purpose, that doesn’t mean your next car will be without issue. That is why you need to spend some time reading today’s handy guide. Why? Because you’ll learn about the checks many of us forget to do when we buy a used car!

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Any car that you buy today will have wheels with tyres wrapped around them. The job of those tyres is to make your ride more comfortable and grip the road in any conditions. But, the sad truth is that many used car buyers don’t inspect the tyres on their future vehicles.

For instance, did you know that asymmetrical tyres need to get fitted in pairs across each axle? If you only have one such tyre on your axle, you will significantly make your car unsafe to drive.

And then there’s the condition of the tyres themselves. It’s recommended that you should replace tyres that have cracks across the sidewall. If they split, so can your tyres. Not a pretty thing to happen when you’re driving at the time!


Just because a car looks like it’s in showroom condition doesn’t mean it works like one! Before you hand over any money, you should always ensure the electrical system of your future car works as it should.

That means checking the starting system (including the battery) and even the light bulbs. The last thing you want to do when driving your next used car home is to get pulled over by the police for driving a vehicle with defects!

Dealer credibility

It’s no secret that some of us will buy from car dealers while others will elect to purchase from individual private sellers.

If you’re buying from a dealer, it’s important to verify they are a legitimate dealership. For instance, places like the Imperial Car Supermarket are well-known for being a good quality seller. But your friendly local dealership might not offer the same level of service.

You don’t want to get ripped off when buying a used car, and I’d hate for that to happen to you. Before you go and browse some cars, do some research into the dealers you want to visit first. How long have they been established? Do they have good feedback online? Do you know people that have bought from them before?

Those are just some of the questions you need to answer before visiting any car dealers. Avoid places that scream alarm bells at you. Telltale signs of problem dealerships include:

  • “Bad vibes” from the salespeople;
  • Lack of business insignia and branding at their location; and
  • Customers are openly complaining to staff about poor service and getting fobbed off.

Good luck with your next used car purchase!

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