TMC with Aisin Provides Household Fuel Cells

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Household Fuel Cells

Aisin provides household fuel cells with test programs along with the announcement with the provisions about total of 30 residential. There have been solid oxide fuel cells with SOFC. There are cogeneration systems along with joint development with Osaka Gas Co. Ltd. There are Kyocera Corporatin, TMC as well as Aisin for about 5 Japanese gas companies along with new parts of New Energy as well as Industrial Technology Development Organization’s NEDO’s Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Verification Project for 2009.

The TMC and Aisin will be bringing new SOFC cogeneration with fresh systems that bring in with Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd with the Osaka Gas as well as Saibu Gas Co. Ltd. TMC as well as Aisin is bringing in new supplication with Hokkaido Gas Co. with new installations being complete as well as bringing in regular household supplications made easy to be brought over here. The 5 gas companies will bring in new gathering of data that were necessary for commercialization. Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Verification Project for 2009 is now bringing in development of new plans and resources.

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TMC and Aisin will also provide you with SOFC cogeneration processes. There are going to be Osaka Gas as well as Saibu Gas Co. with some limitations working with new supplication. There are installations with complete and regular household work with some work companies that are bringing in new data gathering necessary for commercialization of the new projects.

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