Top 10 Sexiest Features of a Car

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Let us bring you the knowledge of top most beautiful features of a car that attract both the genders. There are a lot of sexy cars in production today that could heat you up in no time. Amongst them Audi, Mustang, Bugatti, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Range Rover, Ferrari, Cadillac, BMW, Porsche, Maseratiand Lamborghini are top listed. It’s a common understanding that everyone prefers to have sexy cars. All new trendy and classic cars fashioned today bring new and exciting features and gadgets with them rising their demand even more.Here are some of the attractive innovative state-of-the-art features worthy of your attention.


1. Camera diversity

New models have a manifold Camera that not only shows rear view but also everything else around your car. It guides you when reversing your car and whenever any car is approaching too close to your car.

2. Programmed high beams

Care not to irate other drivers around with your car headlights? Here’s the solution to this problem. Programmed high beams automatically dim when there’s a car ahead and brighten up when the road is clear.

3. Automatic remote key

At times it’s definitely difficult to fumble with your keys before getting into car. Automatic remote key activates the system when you are close to your car, locking and unlocking your car with only one push.

4. Wi-Fi hotspot

In-built 4G LTE hotspot keeps you connected whenever you are on the go. You can get real time updates from anywhere around the world.

5. Natural posture car seats

Sitting in a natural and comfortable way is very essential during long drives. Zero gravity seats cushion your back yet calming your muscles at the same time.

6. Gas-efficient engine

In 2015, many cars are developed in a way to utilize less of a gas by stopping the engine when not moving and starting it when heading off.

7. In-built GPS

In-built car apps includes GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) navigation system and sensors. GPS system gives you directions from your existing location to your destined location. Sensors help you connect to your cell phones and stream whatever data you need.

8. Voice recognition system

It is a system that enables you to control your vehicle by spoken commands. It is now convenient to get to nearest gas station or your destined location by only using your voice to which the system responds.

9. Automatic brake system

The sensors to detect a possibility of an accident and automatically hitting the brakes to stop the collision is yet another exciting feature in the newer models of cars. You can get this from even older cars as some used auto parts dealers are giving it away for very cheap prices.

10. Auto-pilot feature

New technology has invented self-driving cars having an auto-pilot system. This system controls the car speed, directions and parking. With 360 degree sonar sensors, it is the newest feature in the automotive industry.

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