Reviewing The All New Grand Cherokee

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All New Grand Cherokee

Why is it that whenever you look at four-wheel drive vehicles Jeep always comes up on the top of the list? We typed in “top five SUVs for off-road” and some absolutely beautiful vehicles popped up on Google. Guess what name was on top. That’s right, the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It comes up every time in almost every single four-wheel drive SUV rating comparison. Why does it do that? Simply because Jeep is the mother of all SUVs first of all, and secondly, Jeep is the true off-roader, only now (and for the last few decades) it has a well-appointed, luxurious interior that allows you to climb boulders in the utmost comfort. It’s come a long way from those olive green convertible four-wheelers that won World War Two.

All New Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee certainly doesn’t look like an off-roader at first glance. It looks like it was designed by someone who not only understands the concept of style but by someone who lives, breathes and eats style day in and day out. This is a spectacular design, one that presents an image of bold fearlessness on the one hand and quiet, understated elegance on the other. It is a vehicle that is fit for royalty, and one that will take their highnesses and your highnesses anywhere you want t o go including across that rock laden creek or up that craggy hill with 22% incline.

Heated and cooled leather seats, heated steering wheel, Uconnect 8.4 infotainment system and all the trail-rated equipment necessary for you to throw away your cares and worries for the day and reach you goal – no matter where it is. We like the Jeep Grand Cherokee for all those reasons and for the fact that it can fit in anywhere. It’s the best four-wheeler around so it fits in with all the other muddy four-wheelers (just toss a little mud on the hood and you’ll feel fine). It also fits in with any black tie affair and when the valet hands you your ticket you’ll see the sparkle in his eye as he gets behind the wheel of his (and yours) dream car. We’ve gotten so excited about this great car that we are going to the store to get something – or whatever. We’re just taking our Grand Cherokee out for a spin.

You can see all the Jeep models at Thompson Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Edgewood, Md. Stop by or take a look at their website at:

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