Cars that Refuse to Die (Even When You Sort of Wish They Would Already)

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You pull up to a light and look over to see a car that looks just like the one you had when you were twenty. Wait – it is the car you had when you were twenty! Look around the next time you’re out driving somewhere, and you’ll see a lot of “old” cars that just keep on truckin’ (only we’re just talking cars here, not trucks, so pardon the pun), and they don’t need a lot of upkeep to stay that way. Here, then, are the top five cars that refuse to die.

Subaru Wagons

Subaru Wagons

Every single one manufactured is still on the road – guaranteed. They can get you through any type of weather, and people who have one swear by them and rarely (have to) give them up. And while there are all kinds of wagons out there, a Subaru wagon will stay sturdy and strong way past the time it should have died. One of Subaru’s newest vehicles is the Outback; it is an all-drive wagon and a perfect alternative to an SUV. It’s available in a 4 or 6 cylinder, and the Subaru Boxer engine that has proven reliable for over 20 years.  When a person has a Subaru wagon, they will either keep one that will last until Armageddon, or trade it in for something that will last until Armageddon. Either way, it looks like Subaru wagons are going to be here for the long haul.



Volvos and their claim to fame lies in – what else? – safety. From their inception in the prehistoric times until post-historic times, they keep improving on safety and have always been well-known as the “safety-minded manufacturer.” The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) picks the top five cars each year to be on its “Top Safety Picks,” and it’s hard to remember the last time they weren’t in the top five for safety. If a car is that safe, well, I guess it’s safe to say it’ll be here for awhile.

The Fiat 500

Photo By SeeMonterey

There were almost four million of these little cars made, and a lot of them are still speeding down Italy’s roads at top speed (50 mph, tops). They were small (and surprisingly economical) cars, and proved to be quite practical throughout Europe. Production ceased in 1975 (the Fiat 126 replaced it), and then Italy began producing them again in 2007. The car was re-launched in the United States in April, 2011. The 2012 Fiat 500 has been resurrected with features like seven standard airbags, hands free communication, and GPS navigation. Other than that, there’s not a whole lot of difference between the new Fiat 500 and the old Fiat 500, but people seem to love those little cars.

Mercedes 300D/300TD

Photo by Cody Simms

Diesel! It keeps an old boat (I mean car) going forever. It certainly has kept this car going for long past its prime. (Mercedes in Europe was a huge manufacturer of reliable diesel trucks, so it makes sense.) These five-cylinder cars were at their highest popularity in the mid-1980’s; they were efficient, they were reliable, and the gas was cheap. In addition, people just liked to drive them. A solid, comfortable ride, and each succeeding model has used the original 300D series’ superior construction as the basis for building a quality vehicle, as well. This one will always be a keeper.

Honda Accord

Honda Accord

This car was first manufactured in 1976 and is still going strong in 2012. Durability has made it a long-lasting-non-gas-guzzling favorite, and its process of evolution has been nothing short of excellent. Safety has been the staple of each generation of Accords since its inception; typically every five years, Honda redesigns and revamps the Accord, giving it the solidity, practicality, and dependability that it has given its owners since day 1. Once you have that kind of performance in a car, it’s hard to give it up.

Maybe you are one of the people who own a car on this list. Be proud! Even if there are dark thoughts of putting certain cars to rest and it just doesn’t happen, just remember that while other people are driving the best of the latest, they, in all probability, will be trading or selling their car much sooner than you even consider the idea. Because unlike the best and the latest, your car is your personal tried-and-true Energizer Bunny: It keeps going…and going…and going…

This post was written and provided by Tommy Riley.  Tommy has been in the car insurance business for several years.

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