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A Chrysler 300 was just sitting in the parking lot the other day and there was no one in it and no one driving it around. Can you believe that, a 300 sitting around doing nothing?  Too bad, a 300 is a terrible thing to waste.  Obviously the owner was busy doing something more important. But, is there ever something more important than being in your Chrysler 300?  Apparently so, for some people.

‘When I saw my first 300 my jaw dropped. I had seen cool cars before, plenty of them, but this Chrysler was somehow a totally different experience for me.  Walking slowly around that fine exterior design made me want to go by the softest chamois I could find and gently buff the 300 until it reflected even more beauty than it did already.  Then I peered inside and saw what a perfectly engineered cabin looked like and I had to put my hands in my pockets before I lost control and pried open that exquisitely formed door.  As I stepped back and took a breath I realized that I could actually have one of these cars all to myself.  After all, I had hears about them and read about them and knew everything there was to know about them just short of actually meeting one face to face and test driving it.


Anyone could do that, I told myself. Why bother driving it if you’re not really going to buy one? I must have told myself that a hundred times before this day of physically seeing it close up.  Of course, now that I had seen it and almost polished it with an almost bought chamois, I once again thought that I didn’t need to drive it. I thought that seeing it was good enough for me brother and I’ll be happy for the rest of my life knowing what I now know.

When I got home a friend called me and I told her everything. I told her how I really felt about the Chrysler 300 and about how I felt like prying open the door and that I didn’t need to drive one and that I’d be happy for the rest of my life and…I told her everything. She understood, she really did. After a short silence on the phone she finally said that we needed to stop being friends and we needed to go out on a real date and if I didn’t test-drive a Chrysler 300 at Sport Durst Chrysler she would never

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