7 Things to Do Before Riding a Motorcycle

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Riding a Motorcycle

If getting a motorcycle is in your future, congratulations!  Answering the call of the open road with a motorcycle is one of life’s true pleasures – and, unfortunately, most dangerous.  This is because you are exposed to hazards that regular car drivers aren’t exposed to. The good news, though, is that you can mitigate the risk by doing a few things before you start to ride.  In this article, the folks at Bossier Chrysler of Hillsboro, TX, a factory authorized Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep dealer, pointed out 7 things to consider before you hit the road.

Riding a Motorcycle

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1) Take a class

There’s no better way to get prepared to ride a motorcycle than to take a course. You can find courses in most areas taught by local adult education centers. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation also offers on-line and local, hands-on courses that are excellent. The great thing about a riding course is that you will learn about the standard hazards and how to deal with them. This could be lifesaving.

2) Buy a cheap bike

New motorcycle drivers tend to get into more accidents than seasoned drivers. In fact, something like 50% of motorcycle wrecks happen in a rider’s first six months. The conclusion: don’t buy your dream motorcycle just yet.  Buy a “starter” bike and after a season of riding, then look for the bike you are going to own for a while.

3) Buy a small bike

As far as what type of bike to buy, small cruising bikes are best.  Stick with something simple and basic,a 500 cc is the absolute largest engine you should buy, and some say you should really start off a 250cc.

4) Buy safety gear

Safety gear, like helmets and leather jackets, may not be convenient but it’s the stuff that keeps you from leaving your skin on the asphalt. Be smart and wear full head-to-toe safety gear.At the very minimum, even in a state where you can legally ride without a helmet, you should wear one. By the way, unlike your first motorcycle, your first set of safety gear should not be cheap. The bike itself is insignificant, but you are not. Buy quality safety gear.

5) Buy insurance

Here’s a fact you may not know: Insuring a motorcycle isn’t very expensive. In fact, your yearly payment probably won’t be that much higher than the monthly payment on your automobile insurance. Aside from it being the law in a lot of states, you may find it a requirement to get a license.

6) Get Your license

Getting your motorcycle license is like getting your driver’s license. There are two parts: The first is a written portion and the second is a driving test. Many states allow you to get learner’s permits so you can learn the appropriate skills.

7) Register your bike

Registering your motorcycle is essentially the same as registering your car: You hand over the title, cut a check, and receive your tiny new motorcycle plate.

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