Pick a Chrysler – Which One Would You Choose?

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Which Chrysler do you want?  That legendary automaker has plenty to choose from. In fact, Chrysler is part of a huge family of great cars such as Dodge, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Maserati, Ferrari and of course, Fiat, which is the overall owner of all of these fabulous brands.

Chrysler, however, stands on its own and has always been seen as one of the leaders in luxury automobiles. The Chrysler 300 and the 200 are extremely popular right now and for good reason, and can be seen at Sport Durst’s showroom online. They are carrying on the legacy of American luxury cars with the added bonus of being a muscle car in disguise. These cars are not only quick, but they are fast, while providing the security and comfort of Chrysler craftsmanship.


The Chrysler 300’s looks are a bit deceiving because it tends to give the impression that it should have a chauffeur in the front seat. Its elegance and sleek, low profile, however, have been designed for power and speed. The good looks and haute couture lines fool a lot of people into thinking it’s just another comfortable cruiser, but it can wreak havoc when challenged at a red light. It can take on all comers and usually win from a dead stop.

Besides its swiftness and muscle car capabilities, the 300 has all the bells and whistles that Chrysler is famous for.  Once you sit inside one of these smooth machines you might never want to get out. (There are drive-thru eateries and some gas stations still man the pumps for you, so, if you like, you can drive for a seriously long time without leaving the warmth of the 300’s plush cabin space). You can think of it as your own personal futuristic speed machine that races you into the future in cozy contentedness.

Chrysler’s 200 is simply a slightly smaller version of its big brother the 300.  It’s quick, refreshing and the heated seats will amaze you the first, second and forty-fifth time you power them up. All thoughts of previous discomfort will simply float away along with any negative feelings you might have experienced before you belted yourself in to the cockpit of this magnificent masterpiece.  Chrysler has been building human transporters for over ninety-years now and they have prided themselves on producing the best of the best. The Chrysler 300 and the 200 are prime examples of what American engineering can do when it focuses on what.

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