Increase in accidents involving women motorcyclists as more women take up biking

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For many people, the freedom that they experience on a motorbike means that they would never consider giving it up, despite knowing the dangers if something went wrong. This freedom has traditionally been enjoyed by an almost overwhelmingly male crowd, although this is starting to change. More and more women are taking to two wheels because of the exhilarating experience, amongst other things, that they simply can’t get elsewhere. Unfortunately this also means that more women are involved in motorcycle accidents, which are the inevitable result of more women riding bikes and busier roads.

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Day to day savings

Although it is traditionally a male pastime, more and more women are taking to biking for the freedom it brings, but also for the low cost in comparison to running a car. A small bike will cost a fraction of its four wheeled counterpart to purchase and this saving can also be felt in other areas. If you’ve ever had an MOT you will know the feeling – there are an endless amount of things that can go wrong with a car and these can be very costly to fix. Of course, bikes will have problems but the repairs don’t tend to cost as much, while fuel costs are just a fraction of those encountered by car drivers. As prices continue to soar, it can cost a fortune to run a car. However, bikes are much lighter and tend to have smaller engines, so use far less petrol.

More bikes, more accidents

It is now thought that 1 in 5 motorcyclists on the roads are female, which is a huge rise from previous years. But, of course, this also means that they will be involved in more accidents. Women must ensure that they are covered by a good insurance policy, with an expert motorbike accident solicitor, to make sure that they get the best service if they do have an accident.

It is known that, much like with cars, women are proportionately safer drivers than men, with women 15 times less likely to have an accident if they go out on the road. This means that women motorcyclists should get the benefit of cheaper bike insurance than their male counterparts.

Know what to do

Because motorbike accidents occur so frequently it is important that all riders know what to do, and take steps to ensure that they are as safe as possible. Not only are women safer riders but they are also more likely to take an advanced riding course to ensure they are as safe as possible. All new riders should consider taking these courses. Even with advanced learning, there are times when bikers cannot do anything about the accident they are involved in, and the risks of injury are high considering the speeds they can reach and the extent to which they are exposed. Bikers who are in an accident that wasn’t their fault should seek advice from a reputable specialist like, before pressing ahead for much needed compensation.

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