Honda Recalled its Fit and Vezel Hybrid

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Honda Co. recalled all it new models of the best selling hybrid cars Fit and Vezel to eliminate the problem raised in the software program that is controlling the car’s seven speed dual clutch transmission (DCT). The problem may restrict you to drive the car or to move forward. From this problem 70,929 Honda Fit hybrids and 10,424 Honda Vezel hybrids are affected making a sum of 81,353 units. The US is safe from the recalls because all these recalls are made in Japan for those cars that manufactured between July 2013 and February 2014 and so the Honda Fit American market does not have any impact.

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This is the third recall, Honda made two recalls previously made in October and December. Honda said, that they will first check the history of DCT gear change and will then replace the components of gear change to avoid any damage to the internal parts and finally will change its software program.  The change will be made only in those cars that show non-engagement of gears. For cars that do not show non-engagement of gears Honda is planning to install a new control program on 21st February 2014.


Due to this problem, Honda suspended the delivery of all the affected Honda Fit hybrids and Vezel hybrids that are produced at Yorii Plant of Saitama Factory and Suzuka Factory, Japan until they complete the process of the installation of the new software program to avoid any future complaints and issues. Honda requested for a compromise and cooperation from the affected customers and parties.

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