What Things You Should Consider while Planning a Car Camping Trip

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Car Camping Trip

Planning a car camping road trip is one of the most affordable and easiest vacation getaways. However, it is important to consider a few things in advance to ensure a smooth trip. We have prepared a list of 5 essential tips which will help you plan your next car camping trip conveniently.

Car Camping Trip

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Choosing the Right Vehicle

Going to camp in the woods or heading out toward a desert area are both very different scenarios. It is important that you choose the vehicle according to the place you are visiting. Taking a sedan to desert and remote areas is never a good option, since there is a possibility that your car’s tires won’t be able to adapt to the rough landscapes. For such locations, a four wheeler might be a better option. On the other hand, an RV (Recreational Vehicle)is perfect for a camping trip in the woods.

Inspect Your Car Thoroughly

Experiencing a car break down in the middle of the trip would be the worst thing ever happened to you. Thus, it is extremely vital to thoroughly check your vehicle before heading out for your trip. Inspecting the vehicle involves checking air pressure in the tires and water and oil level in the engine, finding out that head lamps and tail lights are functioning properly and keeping a spare tire. It is also recommended that you keep an extra fuel bottle in the car.

Pack a Generator

If you plan to camp overnight, you must carry the best RV generator to fulfill the electricity needs. Carrying generator in a regular car may be a problem, however If you own an RV (recreational vehicle), you can easily carry one. There are tons of RV generators available in the market with prices starting from $400 approximately. An RV generator is portable compared to a conventional generator and can efficiently provide electricity for setting up a few lights, charging mobile phones and laptops etc.

Load Your Vehicle Safely

Do not over load your car or fill it with those heavy equipments it is not designed to carry. The best way to carry luggage is to use a cargo rack or you can also haul your stuff if it is too large. After reaching your destination, it is recommended that you place the luggage inside the car to protect it from getting stolen.

Get to Know about the Route You Will Take

Doing some research about the route you will take is crucial to find out about road closures and hazards. One way of doing this is to call the local ranger station and tell them about your destination. They would be able to suggest the best possible route. Relying on GPS is not a good idea, as you may end up getting stuck in a snow-filled or a washed out road. Also, check out the weather forecast before heading out for your journey.

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