Tips To Save Money On Gas

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You spend plenty of money on gas. Do you want to spend less? It’s a lot easier than you think. Here’s a bit of money-saving wisdom to consider:

Use A Discount Card:

Many of the big gas station chains make discount cards available, so consider getting one. These cards could save you up to 5% on every fill-up. Add that savings up per year and you will find it’s a considerable sum of money.

Save Money On Gas

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Shop Around:

Seek out your neighborhood’s best deal, or one that’s within a couple minute detour from your driving path into work every day. There are many phone apps that can help you, GasBuddy is one of the big ones. As indicated above, we know that you spend tons of money on gas, and using this tip in particular will for sure keep more money in your bank account!

Buy in The Morning:

Did you know that gas is denser earlier in the day, but also cooler? Pumping the substance into your car’s tank when it is dense means that more of it can fit in!

Don’t Buy Higher Octane Gas Than your Car Requires:

Higher octane gas exists for a single reason: for better combustion in high compression engines. Go with the octane level that your car maker recommends – the recommended octane level is in the owner’s manual.

Do you Have to Pay for “Better Gas”?:

No. Gas companies throw additives in expensive grades to “improve performance” and “keep your engine clean”. There is a little bit of truth to the advertising, however, several studies show that any effects are barely noticeable. If you want to save money on each and every fill-up, skip the more expensive gas grades.

Don’t Buy Soda and Snacks:

This is where gas stations make big margins on their sales. It shouldn’t be shocking that tossing money on items like soda, snacks, muffins and other food products will take away any savings you made on your fuel purchase.

Pay Cash When There is a Discount:

It’s not common, but some gas stations charge you less if you pay cash. That makes it so that the merchants will not have to pay credit card companies a merchant fee and then pass those savings on to you.

Make Sure a Gallon is a While Gallon:

States keep an eye on gas pumps’ accuracy, but some do not do it often. Arizona, for example, has less than 20 employees to check 2,300 stations. Be cautious of stations with old equipment because occasionally inaccurate gas amounts are dispensed.

Exercise Caution When Using Debit Cards:

If you pay with a debit card, the bank sets aside a certain amount of money for the transaction. You could pay $15 for gas yet have $50 held by your bank before your transaction goes through. The Finance Manager at Brennan, a car dealership in Ruston, LA warns that this could possibly lead to a bounced check if you’re running monthly finances close to your present limit.

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