Jaguar Announces the World Premiere of Jaguar XE

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Jaguar has just announced that it will showcase Jaguar XE on 8th September in London. Jaguar XE is the latest sports saloon that will feature next generation technologies from the automaker.

Jaguar has over 50 years history in this car segment and the British automaker tends to bring its finest set of technologies to this new model, in order to deliver best levels of performance, handling, responsiveness and refinement.

The new Jaguar XE will encompass Integral Link rear suspension constructed with aluminum components, which promises sharp response and handling while sustaining the luxury aspect. Above all, with its lightweight construction skills Jaguar will be able to maximize performance.

Jaguar XE

The double wishbone front suspension is derived from its sports car cousin, Jaguar F-Type. This ensures maximum handling and road grip. Front suspension also features aluminum components for lower weight and higher performance standards.

Jaguar XE

Jaguar XE will be the first model to carry high-tech electric power assisted steering technology from the marque. Drivers will be able to enjoy several steering features including Driver Aid, Active Safety, Jaguar Drive Control, low-speed sharp turning and variable steering damping.

New Jaguar XE

In addition to the above, Jaguar has introduced a new innovation in its class named All Surface Progress Control (ASPC). It involves the expertise of Land Rover in off-road traction, which ensures full control of the vehicle on slick road surfaces.

Jaguar has manufactured XE with its decades of experience in automotive industry and guarantees a whole different driving experience. Let’s wait and watch what other innovations Jaguar will introduce in its upcoming previews of XE.

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