2016 Kia Soul EV: Electrified for the Future

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2016 Kia Soul EV

While Tesla is considered as a leader in creating electric vehicles, virtually every car manufacturer on the planet is working on electronic vehicles that can become the car of the future. While Tesla is known for its large size sedans that can offer tremendous power and performance, Kia has decided to do exactly the opposite. The all new Kia Soul EV sits right at the other side of the electric vehicle spectrum because it does not cost much. While any electric vehicle from Tesla would cost around $70,000 and above, Kia’s Soul EV is available at $32,000 and $24,500 after the tax break.

2016 Kia Soul EV

The all new 2016 Kia Soul EV is a niche-based vehicle and while it may not outperform the Tesla vehicles in terms of performance, it still packs a punch. While Tesla cars offer maximum range of 93 miles, Kia Soul EV offers maximum range of 53 miles which exceeds the performance of Chevrolet Volt. The car currently will be available only in selected states across the United States. All the previous Soul models have been received well by the users for its superior handling capabilities, spacious interior and good value for money experience. Kia also mentioned that such cars work in urban markets and therefore they are going to target specific cities to promote their latest electric vehicle.

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