2011 Toyota Yaris Review

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Toyota has been maintaining the top spot in the list of car makers around the world. Today, they are able to sell more cars than any other car manufacturers because they come up with low cost vehicles that have great features. Hence, we can say that in some way Toyota is a brand for cost conscious buyers who don’t want to spend lavishly on their vehicles but they still want to get maximum output and performance from their cars. The 2011 Toyota Yaris falls in the same category and it is one of the oldest small market car that is still doing great.

2011 Toyota Yaris

Here we do a quick 2011 Toyota Yaris review and see some new aspects and features that are added in the 2011 Toyota Yaris.

2011 Toyota Yaris Styling

The 2011 Toyota Yaris is available in two different body styles and therefore it depends on the consumers what they want from their car. The sedan style still takes the same old look and it looks great on the road. The style factor of 2011 Toyota Yaris is definitely exceptional because Toyota has not made much changes to this style factor but the car still looks very much stylish. The liftback model is good as well and will provide some change to consumers who are currently using sedans. The liftback model is more aerodynamic and rear spoiler on the top adds to the beauty of the car. The Sports Package will make your Toyota Yaris much better because it will have larger wheels, larger steering wheels with leather wrapped around it and shift knob.

2011 Toyota Yaris Performance

The 2011 Toyota Yaris comes with the regular 1.5 liter four cylinder engine that can produce 106 horsepower. This might seem low in terms of performance but it suits well to the small car like Toyota Yaris. The engine works well and drivers have five speed manual transmission or four speed automatic transmission option. It has been found that four speed automatic transmission is noisier than the manual transmission. The handling of the car is really great and therefore drivers will not have any problems driving this one on busy road and even on curvy roads. The suspension of the car is made for the city and therefore it might not perform well on off roads.

2011 Toyota Yaris Interior

The 2011 Toyota Yaris is not only good at performance but also comfortable. However, Toyota has not concentrated much on comfort level as they should have. The car is spacious but the seats are not comfortable for those who have taller body structure. The car has good head space and leg space and therefore passenger will get all the comfort they want in terms of space. The sedan model is two feet longer than hatchback and therefore sedan passengers have more advantage even if they are sitting in the rear seats. The dashboard looks like made after lot of cost cutting and therefore it is made from easily scratched plastic. However, Toyota Yaris is definitely ahead of other sedans in the same range when it comes to noise reduction which is possible because of softer suspension calibration option.

2011 Toyota Yaris Safety

It is not the safest car in the category but Toyota Yaris definitely has made some improvements in the latest version. The car now comes with standard electronic stability control and antilock braking system. The car has received acceptable ratings from IIHS for all kinds of crash testings that have been done which is not impressive. The 2011 Toyota Yaris has never been tested under rigorous crash test conditions which means that it does not stand good on safety charts.

To conclude, 2011 Toyota Yaris is definitely good for those buyers who are looking for economical budget car that has certain standard features and that look really good when on the road.

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