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by  |  On February 1st, 2017  |  In Volkswagen

There is a faster version of almost every form of transport – with this even the case with vans in the form of a minivan. Just like supercars, bullet trains and fighter jets, minivans are a step up in speed in comparison to the standard models. With this in mind, commercial vans retailer Van Monster has discovered the top ten fastest vans on the road.

Ranking them in order of the time it takes to get from 0-60mph, Van Monster has revealed the full line-up in their latest infographic. With entries from Toyota, Ford, Mercedes, Honda, Kia, Dodge and VW, can you guess which manufacturer is most likely to cross the finish line in first position?

After looking under the hood at the engine and brake horsepower capability, the infographic also offers some advice on how you can modify your own van to make your trusty set of wheels even quicker. The advice can be applied to commercial vehicles of any shape and size and covers all of the following features:

  • The brake system
  • Cold air intake filters
  • Engine Control Units
  • Exhaust systems
  • Spark plugs
  • Both summer performance and winter tyres

Take a look over the infographic below to discover which manufacturers made the cut. Van Monster welcomes you to the ‘Minivan Prix’…

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