GM’s November Sales Record in China

by  |  On December 3rd, 2010  |  In Auto News, General Motors

It’s certainly a time for rejoice for General Motors and Chevrolet in China as their domestic sales in China goes all time high in November 2010. General Motors China and its joint ventures together celebrated the success as they were able to sell 196, 990 units in this annual year which means that their annual sales figures went up by 11.2% for the month of November. General Motors China and its joint ventures have been working diligently on their sales figures but so far they were not able to achieve this success. However, this year General Motors figures went up by 32.7% for this annual year and they were able to sell 2,172, 395 units. General Motors also became the first automobile company in China to reach the 2 million mark in a single year.

In Shanghai the sales figure of General Motors was up by 33.4% for the year and they were able to sell 105,097 units in the month of November. Hence, the domestic sale of General Motors totaled 58,977 units which mean that the figures went up by 47% from November 2009. The biggest factor for this great achievement goes to Chevrolet Cruze and New Sail cars that have been very popular in China. Both Cruze and New Sail have created all time high record in China. The monthly sales figure of Chevrolet Cruze went up by a whopping 71% in just one year which means that General Motors were able to sell 23, 843 units in just one single year. On the other hand, New Sail has become the favorite family car in China and GM was able to sell around 15,056 units in one single year.

Apart from lower medium sedans, Buick also became increasingly popular in China. However, Cadillac still remains to be the best car in China as people love all three popular models.

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