Electric Cars Can Over Take Conventional Rides: Study

by  |  On August 18th, 2016  |  In Auto News

This should be news for the ones who are still skeptical about the electric future of the automotive world. A recent study by MIT has concluded that electric cars can easily substitute about 90 percent of the internal combustion engine based rides as of today. This will also result in the reduction of carbon emissions by approximately 30 percent, the study adds.

Electric Cars

Jessica Trancik who happens to be one of the authors of the study mentioned that personal cars can be replaced even if we allow only an overnight recharge of the electric cars allaying fears about the lack of supportive infrastructure required for the recharge of this new automotive technology. This will also achieve the personal vehicles climate goals set by the US in the short term.

The four year study has been diligently undertaken with the gigantic information about the set of driving behaviors through the GPS as well as the national resource of the travel surveys. This translates into millions of driver trips throughout the country.

The research has also concluded that the electric cars are of better value for the customers if we factor in the maintenance costs of the combustion engine based cars over their lifetime.

So, are you ready to electrify your ride now?

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