Underwriters Laboratory Approval Holding up the Sales of MINI E’s

by  |  On June 8th, 2009  |  In Auto News, Mini, Toyota

It is no wonder that a complete electric car that emits no carbon is indeed the need of the hour. The MINI E has finally come out and it is being delivered to 450 test drivers in NY and California.

One of the requirements of this electric car is you need a 220V electric service to charge this vehicle and to install this special wall for charging the car, the MINI sends a electrician when you buy the vehicle.


To avail this 220V electric charge, the local building codes have an requirement that the hardware that supports such high power must be approved by the Underwriters Laboratories and UL are taking their time to provide approval 220V charging cable.

With this approval pending, people who had bought the car are charging it using an 110V cable and this takes almost a day to charge up the car completely. This has made the car owners wait for a day to take their car out and MINI’s Spokeswoman Nathalie has said that the company is speaking with UL and the approval for these cables will be finalized by the end of july.


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