The 3 Recent BMW Models: M6 Coupe, Convertible and Gran Coupe

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A recent press release by BMW ushered in the upcoming year’s M6 machine. Although the 2015 model of the BMW M6 is just one car, it comes in three different styles. Apart from the usual coupe, meet the 2-door convertible and its 4-door sibling named the Gran Coupe. You might think that all the members of the M6 family are similar, but the difference held in aspects such as the number of passengers, weight, and front design clearly sets them apart. The weight stands at two tons for the convertible and its sister, the coupe. The powertrain of all the three models includes a 4.4-liter double charged V-8 engine. The horsepower of that engine stands at 560 hp.

The new BMW M6 Coupé

Apart from the reduced weight, which offers ease when driving, considerable changes in these new models gets noted in the headlights, aerodynamic features, and new trim/color elements. The M6 sisters are now using full LED lighting while the coupe remains with its front air style while the convertible has acquired a newer yet lesser front air intake.

The new BMW M6 Coupé

The M6 that sells at between $108,409 and $112,450 runs for 4 seconds at 0 to 60 mph and with a high speed of 155 mph. With the above slight changes, it’s not easy to tell the difference with its previous models.

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