5 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing an Extended Car Warranty With Endurance

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Purchasing an Extended Car Warranty

When it comes to your car, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. In addition to scrapes and bumps on the road, vehicles are always subject to unforeseen costly repairs. That’s why, in addition to being insured, each and every car owner should consider purchasing an extended warranty. Most manufacturers will only protect your car for a certain period of time, after which any needed repairs and their accompanying cost becomes your responsibility to pay. This puts you as a car owner in a vulnerable position, both when it comes to your vehicle and yourself. Here are five things to consider when you’re in the market for an extended car warranty.

Extended Car Warranty

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1) Coverage Type:

If you’ve been self-driving your car for a while, chances are you’ll have some idea of what its main weaknesses are. Think about the last few parts you had to replace or some trouble that you’ve always had with your vehicle. These areas, most likely, are your car’s weak spots. Be aware that any repairs that are currently needed or recently needed will be categorized as a pre-existing condition and, in most cases, will not be covered. Rather than leaving your vehicle open to greater harm, choose a coverage plan from Endurance that targets your car’s specific needs. Endurance offers a number of wide-ranging coverage plans that cover everything from the big parts like the engine and transmission to the air conditioning or heating systems.

2) Service Contract Options:

A factory warranty or manufacturer’s warranty stipulates how long your vehicle will be under warranty by its manufacturer. With Endurance, vehicle owners are offered protection that extends beyond that initial warranty. While you may think that your manufacturer’s warranty will last a long time, it always helps to check. Sometimes these contracts only last up to a few years or so. With Endurance, you can choose the exact amount of time you want to be covered, as well as being able to decide which coverage type in your contract fits best for you.

3) Pricing Points:

When figuring out how much you want to spend on your service contract, take a bit of time to compare and contrast prices. If you spend time looking at other providers, you’ll notice that Endurance offers the lowest price for services offered because they always match customers. This is because Endurance is the direct provider of vehicle protection for most of the policies that it sells. By handling their own claims process, customer service, and finance plans, they are able to provide the most competitive price for your new protection plan, unlike most resellers.

4) Company Trust:

Deciding on getting an extended warranty for your car is a big step. It’s something you’ll want to be absolutely sure about when you do decide. With Endurance, you not only get the best price and the exact amount of coverage you want, but also peace of mind when it comes to unforeseen problems with your car. When it comes to cars, especially older or previously owned vehicles, it pays to be careful. And because Endurance is the direct provider of most of the protection plans that they sell, they are the ones who are paying claims directly to your repair shop, not some middleman waiting to get approval. And by buying direct, you’re buying from a top rated auto warranty company that has paid millions of dollars in car repairs for its users. Protect yourself with a warranty that won’t quit on you or your car.

5) Customer Assistance:

When you purchase an extended warranty with Endurance, you’re in the hands of their award-winning customer service agents. Their website offers an in depth FAQ and Learning Center that educates you all about the industry.  If you have any kind of issue that needs to be addressed or a question about your coverage, Endurance’s agents are here to help you each and every day, no matter how big or small the problem. With contact options available through e-mail, online chat, and by telephone, Endurance is never more than a few buttons away to give you peace of mind for the road ahead!

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