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Mazda Gets to Make Toyota Vehicles at Mexico Plant

Automakers across the globe are focusing on how they can bring down the overall cost of production for their future vehicles. Now, Toyota Motor Corp and Mazda Motor Corp have made an announcement that they have agreed on a deal that will allow Mazda to make Toyota cars for the North American market at their Mexico plant. The company said that under the new deal that have been signed by two car makers Mazda will divide quarter of its annual capacity at the new plant for production of subcompact Toyota brand vehicles. The deal will also bring two automakers together in the future as Toyota has allowed their hybrid technology that is currently used in Prius to Mazda. The company claims that Mazda will start producing Toyota brand cars at the pace of 50,000 vehicles annually from the yea...

Ford Figo – Review

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Ford Figo – Review

Ford has always remained one of the most popular car makers in India and they are well aware of the demand for compact vehicles in the country. This is why Ford decided to come up with Ford Figo that brings Ford in the competitive market. The best thing about Ford Figo that this is a small package car that combines some of the top features that consumers in the Indian market want. Since its launch in the year 2010 Ford Figo has remained one of the popular hatchbacks that have sold many units across the country. Let’s take a quick look at some of the top features that make Ford Figo one of the most desirable hatchbacks in India. Exterior When it comes to exterior the new Ford Figo has not many changes except the redesigned front face. Ford has made changes to the prominent ...

Keeping Your Vehicle in Tune and On Top

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Keeping Your Vehicle in Tune and On Top

Every vehicle needs a regular tune up, especially if the vehicle’s owner wants to see a decent lifespan and overall satisfactory gas mileage out of the vehicle. If your vehicle is run into the dirt and neglected, you could see a host of mechanical issues develop. Many of these could be avoided with the regular tune ups and cleanings. Every now and then, you should ensure these different components are kept in their best condition for safe performance and improved mechanical health. The Exhaust While this may have the least influence on your vehicles performance, it is worth a quick mention. By switching out your exhaust system, you can have a much more friendly impact on the environment. Your vehicle can contribute less pollution, making you a responsible vehicle owner. The perf...

HondaJet Production finally under production

The world’s highly sophisticated light jet aircraft, is well under production by Honda Aircraft Company.  Making the announcement recently at a meeting in Florida, the company talked about certain milestones that it has covered successfully, thus enabling to finally give the green flag for the production of the HondaJet. In the past years, Honda Aircraft has accomplished different structural tests and flight systems including speedbrake testing, crash tests, night lighting testing, bird strike testing and ultimate load tests. Honda Aircraft’s current test program includes 5 FAA-conforming HondaJet aircraft, 1 ground test aircraft and 3 dynamically flying test aircraft.  The performance of HondaJet aircraft’s under intense temperatures has also been tested in Yuma, Arizona...

Understanding Dealing with Auto Accidents, Before During and After

Everybody hopes they will never be involved in a car accident. While it is a particularly scary prospect if you’re driving a rare or otherwise special vehicle, no matter who you are and what you drive, car accidents are unbearable to think about. In spite of this however, understanding how to deal with them is essential in order for the damage to be mitigated should you find yourself in this situation. Being armed with this valuable knowledge can mean the difference of saving not only a great deal of money, but potentially somebody’s life. For this reason, the My Compensation team does a lot to educate people on how to handle the scene of a road traffic accident. Before we covered this information, let’s take a look at what can be done to avoid accidentally crashing in the first p...

Honda Celebrates 1 Million Hybrid Vehicle Milestone

For the last many years, Honda has been focusing on bringing out new technologies that can offer more performance to the car buyers without compromising the environment. The company said that they have been keen on launching some of the best hybrid vehicles that can allow consumers to enjoy their driving experience without polluting the environment. Honda has now made an announcement that they have reached a milestone after 13 years where they have managed to sell one million hybrid vehicles in the market. Honda believes that hybrid technology is the technology of the future and therefore they are focusing on it. Sharing more information about the hybrid vehicle technology Honda revealed that it was back in 1999 that Honda decided to build Insight which was their first hybrid veh...

Storing Your Classic Car over Winter

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Storing Your Classic Car over Winter

The first few dreaded flakes are beginning to fall and it's time to pull out the clunky boots and ugly, albeit warm, stocking cap in preparation for another long, cold winter. You take the time to plastic the windows, stack the lawn furniture in the garage and service your snow blower, but there's one crucial step every classic car owner must take before the deep freeze: storing their beloved vehicle. Storing a classic car involves more than protecting it with a plastic tarp and hoping your 1966 Mustang isn't turned into a hibernating raccoon’s nest. Winterizing involves careful planning, meticulous execution and a minor monetary investment to ensure your classic vehicle is ready for another summer of road trips and car shows. Protecting the Finish You spend hours washing an...

Factors In Buying A New Car

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Factors In Buying A New Car

When you are preparing to purchase a new car, you probably have a number of personal factors to consider. In addition to personal preferences with regard to how the car looks and how it handles, you may also have to think about how many family members you may have to transport, how practical the car is, how much you are able to spend, etc. However, in addition to these personal concerns and preferences, there are also certain aspects of the general market that it is important to keep in mind as you search for your new car. Finding the right car depends on many factors, and it can be quite easy to forget about a few of them. Here are a few basic ideas to keep in mind. Design Trends When you look into your options for a new car, it is important to observe the overall trends in the d...

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