Buying Your First Work Van? Read This
By | June 4th, 2015

Millions of us need a form of transportation for work but, for many, a car just won’t cut it. Depending on the nature of your business, a van is the only solution. However, buying a van is different from a car and the marketplace can be a minefield. It’s not the sort of purchase you…

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New Lamborghini SUV to be Made in Italy for 2018 Launch
By | May 28th, 2015

After negotiations with Italian trade unions along with the Italian government, Lamborghini was finally able to land a groundbreaking deal in which it was allowed to produce its first utility vehicle at the main plant in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

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Hennessey Venom GT Hits a Big Speed Record
By | May 27th, 2015

John Hennessey recently tested a new hypercar at the Kennedy Space Center that, although its run was not officially recognized by Guinness World Records, has gone faster than any other car in the world. The Hennessey Venom GT hit a speed of 270.49 miles per hour while out on the road.

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Smart’s ForTwo Convertible Has a Sturdy Top That Works
By | May 25th, 2015

Smart has been testing out its third edition of its ForTwo compact car. This new edition is a convertible that has a top that is strong and can easily move up and down as required. The roof is designed with an electric system that moves it up and down. It features a cloth top that…

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Counting Down The Best Selling Cars In 2015 So Far
By | May 19th, 2015

We’re a third of the way through the year (how did that happen?) so let’s take stock of what’s happened. We’ve seen some fantastic new cars hit the market, including a few exciting reissues. Hybrid engines and electric vehicles are taking over in a big way and technology is leaping forward. It seems as though…

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10 Million Lines of Code in Ford GT to Counter Excessive Com
By | May 15th, 2015

When most jet manufacturers are actually cutting back on the lines of code used in the creation of their aircraft, Ford has actually gone a step further by writing a staggering 10 million lines of code for its super car, Ford GT, which was unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in January. According to Ford…

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Aston Martin and Valentino Create New Aston Martin Vanquish
By | May 15th, 2015

British car brand Aston Martin has teamed up with famous designer Valentino to come up with a uniquely designed Aston Martin Vanquish. The two-door grand tourer features the signature Valentino Camouflage khaki and stone, while its iconic metal studs can be seen from a mile away. The car was created as part of the Cash…

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Dodge Introduces its Brute Street-Legal 2016 Viper ACR
By | May 14th, 2015

Dodge is decisive in keeping the American Club Racer brooch as it brings the astonishing 2016 Dodge Viper ACR. The American muscle car producer says the ACR Aero Package can deliver the greatest down force for any production vehicle. This is almost a ton of road-gripping pressure at the breakneck speed of 284.9 km/h. This…

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