Mini And Airstream Joining Hands Encircled By Republic of Fritz Hansen

by  |  On March 14th, 2009  |  In Auto News

Three iconic brands MINI Cooper S Clubman, Airstream and Republic of Fritz Hansen have collaborated to bring forth the best. This concept will be shown at the Interni Design Energies exhibition in the courtyards of Università degli Studi di Milano during the upcoming world famous Salone del Mobile show in Milan for the 1st time.

MINI Cooper S Clubman

The Airstream trailer and Cooper S Clubman tow car will be designed and styled by Republic of Fritz Hansen; a prized furniture brand, a world over renowned name for its artistic yet practical designs. This new concept car is designed after being inspired from surfing and will be a beach lover’s delight.

Designs of the car will wear mostly jet black of Clubman with lots of furniture stuff that compliments the theme, including chairs for more space for the guests. To add up to the image of a modern surfer, a wooden panel is added.

Black wetsuit neoprene is shadowed with lightning green trim, it is accented at the outer side with black and green. With a bare aluminum body overall, the concept car will be 22ft long. It is also featured with a waterproof interior and a bed for sun bath.

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