Honda (UK) SRS Airbag Recall

By  On 14 February, 2010 | Filed Under Auto News, Honda

Honda Motors (UK) has issued a clarification regarding the SRS Airbag Recall notice issued to customers in Japan and North America. The UK customers need NOT Worry as this recall does not affect them. The airbags fitted to driver’s seat are of standard specification sand need no replacement.

Photo by Lewosky

Photo by Lewosky

The shipments to certain part of North America and Japan mostly are affected. Other worldwide regions are subject to recall to a much lesser extent. About 438000 vehicles are the recall target worldwide. The recall compulsion was necessitated as the compressed inflator Propellant in the driver’s SRS airbag was defective.

This propellant is located inside the inflator of the airbag. In case of an accident, this propellant over expands the airbag and it may rapture abruptly and burst which may cause some injury to car occupants. The recall is precautionary measure only as yet no serious incidents are reported.

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