Honda Sponsors Cop15 Climate Change Conference

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There are only four car sponsors of COP15 Climate Conference (taking place in Copenhagen from 7-18 December 2009), and Honda is one of them. In fact, Honda has successfully met many strict environmental requirements which have been laid down by the Danish Foreign Ministry.

Photo by mckroes

Photo by mckroes

A fleet of low-emission Insight hybrid cars will be supplied by Honda, and the FCX Clarity, which Honda’s new zero-emission hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicle will be there at the summit, being part of the COP15 showcase – “Driving the Future”. Transportation of delegates, journalists, and VIPs is what the cars will be used for.

Honda’s official selection of sponsorship not only enables the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to lower emissions from the conference itself, but the Honda vehicles represent a new energy-efficient technology which will greatly benefit the efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in the transportation sector.

The Honda vehicles which will be displayed will be showing the company’s commitment to the manufacture of products with the highest possible environmental performance, and they use production systems that make the smallest possible impact on the environment. In fact, Honda, in the year 2006, became the first automobile manufacturer in the world to announce global per-unit CO2 reduction targets for both the products and production activities.

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