Get Ready For the New Fiat 500L

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There are many things which a man wishes to have in the course of his lifetime. Of course there are lots of things that may seem lucrative but may take years to gather the money and credit for. These are the things which symbolize passion in life and the urge to get them thus becomes tremendous. Once possessed, these things can truly provide ultimate satisfaction to your life and thus would prove your money’s worth. Cars are one such of the many things that one readily wants to possess, not only for style and status statement, but for the actual pleasure of riding it in the free highways at the top of the gears. There are many such brands of car models that have swooned over the common public in recent years; and the Italian manufacturers of the Fiat Company are indeed on the rise by being one of the most popular car brand names to come out of Italy.

New Fiat 500L

In recent times, the Fiat Company has come up with only one model in the United States of America – The Fiat 500 (as seen here at Holt Fiat of Hurst TX). Graceful and powerful as it was, it quickly gathered its own set of admirers, and thus strangled up a lot of potential customers within a few days of its release and went on to become one of the highest selling cars from the Fiat stable in the recent years. The Fiat 500 is a multi purpose vehicle too; and you can triple it as an Abarth, a fantastic Coupe or a graceful Cabriolet as you wish. The various models and the variants would indeed spoil you for choice and you can choose the car that fits in your range and can also provide the maximum efficiency and features in that range. However in the year 2015, Fiat has decided to introduce six new models of cars for the enthusiasts; till then only one more variant is going to be introduced in the year 2014 – The Fiat 500L, which are an improved and much efficient model than the present 500.

Firstly, the new version 500L offers more room space than the older counterpart. That is, the extension of the floor base offers more room and thus more occupancy. In the new variant 500L, up to five persons can sit inside the car, and enjoy the smooth ride. The added feature of the side doors makes it very easy for the people sitting at the back to keep their legs properly. The middle seat can also be folded down, to provide space for keeping hands for the other two people on the side. Thus convenience meets luxury in the new Fiat 500L.

The power is not to be felt behind too; the car features a 1.4 L four –cylinder engine that is also clubbed up with six gears (manual/auto). The MultiAir technology of the Fiat Company ensures that all the engines are used to their optimum level for a smooth ride. 184 foot-pounds and 160 HP of power are provided to back the engines up. Other luxurious features include seven airbags, leather seats, Bluetooth, satellite radio and many more.

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