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Joe Langdon is a guest blogger and the longtime owner of a small automotive repair shop. When Joe isn’t working at his store, he can be found teaching courses in auto mechanics at a local high school.

How to Make an Older Car Last Longer
By | August 31st, 2018

With all those new car commercials playing in a constant loop on TV, it can be tempting to trade in Old Reliable for something new and flashy. Trust us, you don’t need a new car. Here’s are some easy steps to ensure you get the most of your older vehicle. Monitor your car’s Health —…

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Understanding Dealing with Auto Accidents, Before During and
By | October 19th, 2012

Everybody hopes they will never be involved in a car accident. While it is a particularly scary prospect if you’re driving a rare or otherwise special vehicle, no matter who you are and what you drive, car accidents are unbearable to think about. In spite of this however, understanding how to deal with them is…

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Storing Your Classic Car over Winter
By | October 17th, 2012

The first few dreaded flakes are beginning to fall and it’s time to pull out the clunky boots and ugly, albeit warm, stocking cap in preparation for another long, cold winter. You take the time to plastic the windows, stack the lawn furniture in the garage and service your snow blower, but there’s one crucial…

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