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Lincoln To Change Car Names, Will It Matter?
By | December 26th, 2013

What’s in a name? People, animals, and things have their own moniker that they are famous for. Names could range from the most common to very unique combinations. Today, aside from the car brand, automobiles have their specific names according to model. Ford is known for their truck names such as Bronco, Courier, D-Series, Ranger…

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Chevrolet Makes a Number of Debuts at the LA Auto Show
By | November 22nd, 2013

Yesterday, on 20th November, the Los Angeles (LA) Auto show started and is open until 1st December. A good majority of the Chevrolet vehicles announced to be displayed at the Los Angeles (LA) Auto show made their first appearance yesterday presenting the brand’s 13 new significantly redesigned items. The all-new 2015 Colorado was introduced which…

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Considering the 2013 MINI Cooper?
By | February 25th, 2013

Have you been considering the purchase of a MINI Cooper but wanted to know what it’s really like to own one?  In this post, we will survey feedback from owners  of MINIs so you can get first-hand feedback from those that own one of these intriguing little cars.  Before we get started, however, we want…

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Garages – Over the Decades
By | January 21st, 2013

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2013 Dodge Challenger: A car with great characteristics
By | January 8th, 2013

No matter what kind of car you want, it is within reach at one of the many thousands of car dealerships across America.  If you want an American made car, the first kind that come to mind are Chevrolet’s and Ford’s.  If you want a Japanese made car, the best ones are Honda’s and Toyota’s.  …

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The FIAT 500e – An Eco-Chic Car for the Modern World
By | January 8th, 2013

The race is on to build the best electric vehicle. While Toyota and Honda used to be the main competitors in ‘green’ vehicles, they have been joined by a number of other automakers ready to offer consumers a chance to drive a fuel efficient car from their brand. The latest to join the electric vehicle…

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Pick-up Comparisons – A Look at the UK Market’s Pick
By | January 2nd, 2013

One of the surprises of the continuing fallout from the global financial crisis is that, in certain sectors of the motor industry, sales and production figures are actually increasing. Nowhere is this more significant than when it come to UK sales of pick-up vehicles. Across all styles, including single to double cab pickup trucks of…

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Have You Ever Considered the Merits of a Hybrid Car?
By | December 21st, 2012

Hybrid cars are cars that do not rely simply on a conventional petrol or diesel engine to run effectively. They contain an electric engine which, in differing degrees, takes over the job of the regular engine. A micro hybrid car uses its regular engine to move about, but reverts to electric mode when it is…

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