Acura Announces New December Sales

by  |  On January 6th, 2010  |  In Acura, Auto News

The year end sales look bright as Acura announces whole new performances on luxury levels along with their end of season sales. There have been 3,167 units being sold in December itself along with TSX sports sedan. The sales have scaled higher to 2,926 units along with an impressive 17.9% upscale.

The strong sales of light trucks have been achieved throughout December. Acura annual sales achieved its point of reaching 105,723 which has been a bit lower than the 2008 sales. The TL performance has been going really high with traction to market place. These have been great and really special with Super Handling system achieved through that.

There has been a 6-speed manual transition. Jeff Conrad, the vice president of Acura, has been working with the high performance, luxury and innovation with the whole technology of Acura.

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