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Automakers around the world are working tirelessly to make our everyday commutes safer, entertaining and more comfortable. Compare the vehicles of today with those a decade back and you would see there is a substantial difference between them. YourParkingSpace did some research and presented us the new and upcoming car techs.

First let’s look at the latest car technologies available in the high-tech cars. It is worth noting here that these features might be available as standard in the future cars.

Some of the flagship models of Tesla, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Volvo and others have safety sensors for collision avoidance. Similarly, the pre-charged braking system is accessible in some vehicles along with advanced cameras that help cars to park themselves and avoid frontal collision. Moreover, we have electric cars, autonomous driving features, interactive heads-up display and car wi-fi already working in a number of vehicles. Particularly, the shift to electric cars is fast becoming a norm in many countries.

Now coming to the future car tech, biometric vehicle access would soon be a possibility. Presently, we can unlock and start them through apps. Similarly, health monitoring systems inside vehicles could be an option.

What else the future cars would include? Find out in the infographic below.

Upcoming Car Technologies

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