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Are AWD vehicles superior to FWD?
By | May 29th, 2016

For many new car buyers, an important decision is whether to go Front Wheel Drive (FWD) or All Wheel Drive (AWD). Especially if you live in a climate that experiences a lot of snowfall during the winter, you will see a lot of AWD vehicles on the road. Is AWD the preferred drivetrain if weather…

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Hennessey Venom GT Hits a Big Speed Record
By | May 27th, 2015

John Hennessey recently tested a new hypercar at the Kennedy Space Center that, although its run was not officially recognized by Guinness World Records, has gone faster than any other car in the world. The Hennessey Venom GT hit a speed of 270.49 miles per hour while out on the road.

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From The Road to the Skies comes The Flying Roadster
By | March 19th, 2015

Developed by a Slovakian company named Aeromobil, here comes the very first flying car. This car named “The Flying Roadster” that is designed as a car having four wheels and with wings that can land anywhere. Imagine eliminating the hassle of long lines and waiting areas to fly on an airplane. The Roadster has specifications…

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2016 Ferrari 488 GTB exterior and interior walkaround
By | March 12th, 2015

The new Ferrari 488 GTB surely made a big splash at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Those who had the privilege of seeing this magnificent car from up close, surely ended up being mesmerized by its elegant yet powerful presence. The 488 GTB will be the successor of the 458 Italia, and although it will…

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Top Ways of Funding Your Next Set of Wheels
By | January 15th, 2015

Cars are rarely ever cheap – aside from the initial purchase cost, there’s fuel, insurance, maintenance and taxes to think about too, which means that any way of saving money is likely to be welcome news for most motorists. One of the first ways in which you can make a difference to the overall cost…

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The DIY Guide To Building An Amazing Car Audio Setup
By | August 25th, 2014

The quality of a car’s audio system varies from model to model. It’s no big secret that some cars just have better stereo systems than others! You will often find that cars at the higher end of the market have decent audio setups. But what if you’ve got a “normal” car with an average audio…

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Thinking About Buying An Electric Car? Here’s What You
By | June 6th, 2014

The idea of plugging your car in overnight to sounds positively crazy, right? Well, that’s what we all said 10-15 years ago until this daydream became a reality. But are they the future? Can this new “sustainable” transport technology satisfy customers in the long-term? Surely it’ll only be available for the world’s most wealthy people?…

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The Sporty and Stylish Juke
By | December 26th, 2013

Ever since Nissan came into being it has been an innovative force to be reckoned with in the automotive world. Its first little compact cars and trucks hit North America in the early sixties then it brought over the 240Z and then the Maxima and the Pathfinder and the Infiniti. There were plenty of other…

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