Why the First 15 Minutes After an Accident are Crucial to Your Claim

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When you suffer any type of accident, you can find yourself feeling temporarily out of sorts, which means that you may not necessarily take note of how, where, and why the accident happened until later on. However, the first 15 minutes following an accident are crucial for those who may be entitled to compensation and considering making a claim.

car-accidentThe first 15 minutes is when you are still in the environment where the accident occurred, the details of what happened are still fresh in your mind, and you are most likely to have potential witnesses around you who can back up your account should the need arise later on. It is these finer details that can help lawyers at specialist firms such as Injury Lawyers 4 U to successfully claim the compensation to which you may be entitled.

What you should try and do in the first 15 minutes following an accident

Within the first 15 minutes of suffering an accident try and do the following.

  • Note down the important details: You should try and make a note of exactly when, where and how it occurred. For example, did you slip and fall due to a pool of liquid on the floor that had been left unattended and without warnings around it? Did you trip over an uneven floor tile? Where?
  • Take a picture: Most people these days have a mobile phone with camera functionality. If you are able to, take a picture of the exact spot where the accident occurred and the cause, if applicable. If the cause of the accident, i.e. water, can quickly be cleaned up, thus doing away with the evidence, you should be extra vigilant in photographing it.
  • Make note of any witnesses: The chances are that when you have an accident at least one person will see it and come over to check on you. Make a note of who they are and if you do not already know them, ask for their details. Check if they would be happy to act as witnesses if any verification of the accident details is later necessary.
  • Get the accident details logged: It is very important to ensure that the details of the accident are logged. For instance, if it’s a workplace accident, get the details into the accident book immediately. If the accident occurs in a public place such as a supermarket, there should also be an accident book where details can be logged.
  • Check your surroundings: Another thing you should do is check and see whether there is CCTV that may have captured what happened. In the event that there is any contest to the accident claim, this may prove valuable.
  • Get checked out: Depending on where the accident occurs, you should make sure you get checked out by a medical professional. If no such person is immediately available, make an appointment to see a doctor or simply go to A&E, depending on the nature and seriousness of the injury.

While this may seem a lot to remember within the first 15 minutes after an accident, many are common sense – but could ultimately prove very important in the event of a compensation claim.

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