The Return of the Bugatti Galibier with the New Speed 6 Platform

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With the Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept already the talk of the town after its first appearance at the Geneva Auto Show earlier last month, reportedly, the work is already underway for the next line of vehicles sporting the new addition. According to Bentley’s CEO, Wolfgang Dürheimer, the Speed 6 could very well be built on designs from the VW Group’s MSB architecture, with MSB standing for Modularer Standard-Baukasten. This architecture, according to relevant sources, will form the foundation of the next line of VW Group vehicles, including the next Porsche Panamera.

Bugatti Galibier

However, if Bentley CEO is to be believed, the Speed 6 probably will not even appear on them. According to Dürheimer, only a few modules will be used as the complete platform comes with its own set of restrictions. The reason behind this move is the company’s desire to come up with a car that is “ultra-light and competitive”, and it could be done better if the company follows its own approach.

If eventually built, the Speed 6 would encompass a front-mid engine, that too either a V-6 or a V-8, “turbocharged, no doubt”. It is still not confirmed whether the car will be designed as an all-wheel drive or will feature a rear-wheel drive layout.

Currently, the EXP 10 Speed 6 is fitted with emblems that are used to identify its plug-in hybrid powertrain. It was confirmed by Bentley’s CEO that the upcoming Bentayga SUV will be the first model with an available plug-in hybrid powertrain. The models to follow suit will be the Continental and the Flying Spur respectively.

Fortunately for Bugatti enthusiasts, Dürheimer showed interest in bringing back the Bugatti Galibier concept which was first shown in 2009 only for its reign to be cut short soon after. According to Dürheimer, the idea is still in the works and they plan to continue working on it in the hopes of coming up with something the public will like.

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