The New Nissan Pulsar

by  |  On May 28th, 2014  |  In Auto News, Nissan

The Nissan has uncovered the entry of its tiny teaser into the C-Segment of Europe. This 5 door car is developed on architecture of CMF2 modular. It is a greater as compared to its challengers. This car is stylish and also technology based. There are two engine options are available in Euro-Spec Nissan Pulsar i.e. 113hp with 1.2 liter DIG-T petrol and the other engine is of 108hp with 1.5 liter DCI-diesel unit. The car is also fixed with the advanced safety shield by Nissan, it is the technology suit that offers safety net to drivers including Moving object detection, forward emergency braking, blind spot warming and lane departure warming.

New Nissan Pulsar

Additional features of this car include second-generation Nissan Connect system and LED front lights that produces a crisp, white light. This car of Nissan us the ultimate fusion of performance, value and style. Its LED front and fog lights help to illuminate the path even in the bad weather conditions and it also has under car protectors that represent advanced aerodynamic design in addition to premium styling.

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