The factors that determine the level of your bike insurance

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All motorbike users are legally obligated to insure their vehicles, but some have to pay considerably more than others in premiums. There can be a number of reasons for this, some more avoidable than others. However, whatever your particular needs and circumstances, it makes sense to try to get the best value motorbike insurance policy you possibly can and these are some of the issues you should look into order to be properly informed.

The type of bike you have

If you are shopping around to find the best deal, it is useful to know more about the factors companies use to determine the level of the premiums. The first one is the model of bike you drive. If your bike is an expensive model, this will raise the premium, as it will cost more to repair for the company. Equally if it has a powerful engine, it will be deemed a higher accident risk.

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Frequency of use

The second determining issue is how frequently the bike is used. If you are able to limit the number of miles you clock per year, this should help to reduce the insurance premiums. However, it is possible that you may even be charged a higher rate by some companies, based on whether you use the bike for business or personal reasons – making it advisable to shop around.

Bike security

If you want a lower premium, you need to also lower the chances of the company having to pay out: thus your bike needs to be locked away in a secure location such as a garage, when you are not using it, to minimise the chances of it being stolen. Furthermore, if you apply other security measures such as bike locks and ground anchors, this will help lower your premium. Make sure that any security device you buy is manufactured by an accredited company that your insurers will have heard of.


Unfortunately, just as with car insurance, where you are living can have a significant effect on your insurance premium. Those living in densely populated urban areas with higher crime rates and accident levels will inevitably pay more than those in quiet, rural areas.

Previous driving offences

When you make an application for bike insurance the company will do a complete check of your previous driving record, with any previous accidents or driving convictions obviously leading to higher premium rates. You should not attempt to deceive the insurance company over these details as this is illegal and could lead to criminal proceedings.

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