The Cadillac ELR uses Active Noise Cancelling Technology for a Quiet and Peaceful Interior

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The all new electrified luxury coupe, 2014 Cadillac uses an Active Noise Cancelling Technology to keep the cabin quiet and peaceful. The engineering team of this vehicle took great care in development to maintain the superb quietness even when the gas powered electric generators turn on for maximum driving range. In other vehicles, such technologies are designed to keep the car quiet on lower speeds however the ELR’s technology is very powerful and is able to maintain quietness even at higher speeds. The system also maintains quiet cabin during long distance driving ranges and steep ascents.

The chief engineer of the ELR vehicle, Chris Thomason said, “Acoustic refinement is an important attribute of every Cadillac interior, and ELR is no exception. Considering how quiet the car is during pure-electric driving we knew the generator sound had to be as pleasant as possible, and we were able to achieve it with active noise cancelling.”


The ELR’s Active Noise Cancelling system works in a distinctive way that first collect data from the car’s generator, powertrain and from three ceiling mounted microphones and then it calculates and develops required noise cancelling signals via a delivery path of Bose audio system’s speakers and subwoofers. For more comfort and quietness, the ELR is equipped with numerous sound absorbing and sound buffering materials to reduce road, wind and engine noise, the all new Cadillac ELR coupe is expected to go on sale in the start of January 2014.

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