The Best Car for a Young Driver

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As parents of a young driver, it is quite likely you will choose your son or daughter’s first car. In the process of choosing a new car there are some vital considerations to take into account. By being thorough in examining each of these considerations, you can ensure your child will enjoy a safe driving experience.

The Best Car for a Young Driver

Here are some of the primary factors to take into account prior to purchasing a car for a young driver.


As a parent, car safety is no doubt your primary concern. It is therefore imperative that you choose a reliable car for the young driver. Statistically, young drivers are the most likely group to be involved in an accident. Choosing a vehicle with a good safety track record is therefore paramount.

There are numerous standards and awards related to car safety and it is wise to research the safety ratings of particular vehicles prior to making a final decision. Modern safety features such as air bags are a must. Simply buying a larger vehicle is no guarantee of safety, contrary to popular belief.


Insurance premiums for young drivers are at an all-time high, and this should be taken into account when purchasing a vehicle. It would be no good buying a wonderful new car only for it to be totally impractical for it to be insured.

The expense of the car insurance will depend upon which insurance category the vehicle falls into. Generally speaking, the larger the engine and the larger the car, the higher the insurance category and therefore the more expensive the insurance will be.

Running Costs

Although the average young driver will be loathed to consider practical matters such as running costs, they are nonetheless an important factor. Costs to consider include the following: Insurance, road tax, maintenance and servicing, parts, fuel and tyres. However, the most notable cost is the fuel. As this is ever-increasing, it would be wise to choose a vehicle that enjoys a good fuel economy. This is generally in harmony with reducing insurance premiums and road tax fees, too.


In comparison to the more practical suggestions, appearance may seem like an odd factor to take into account. However, appearance is more important to young people than you may at first like to admit. This is not to say that you should splash out on a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, but you should be avoid choosing a less attractive car that your child will be embarrassed to be seen in. If two cars are fairly similar in their pros and cons, choose the more attractive option!

New or Second-hand

There are pros and cons to consider when it comes to choosing either a new or second-hand vehicle. A second-hand vehicle is obviously cheaper and there will generally be more information on the vehicle available if it is not a brand new model. However, a new car will often offer a greater array of safety features, a lower fuel consumption and greater reliability. One option that balances the two is to buy a car that is second hand but only a year or two old.

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