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Chrysler’s Future Plans
By | August 26th, 2009

Chrysler has been preparing for the future to lay under Fiat as the bustling Fiat sets tone for the greater business for US carmakers’ this year. A rather busy blur of activity at the back of Auburn Hills have been creating some storm for the auto industry this year. The restructuring of the late occurring…

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Fiat Working to Assemble Their 500 in Mexico
By | August 19th, 2009

Fiat is looking forward to build their 500 engines in Michigan but then assemble the parts in their new plant in Mexico. Since the last couple of years some really interesting and good looking Italian lines have been unavailable in the US market.There was the presence of Alfa Romeo Milano or a broken Fiat Strada…

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‘New’ Chrysler Emerges as Alliance with Fiat Sealed
By | June 11th, 2009

This Wednesday saw the most important events of the automobile industry when Fiat successfully completed the deal to buy the best assets of the Chrysler which had been forced to file a chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier in April. Both the firms announced the deal was successfully over and the alliance is sealed to be led…

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BREAKING: Supreme Court Stays Sales of Chrysler to Fiat
By | June 9th, 2009

The sale of the Chrysler to Fiat has been hindered by the Supreme Court stay. Earlier three Indiana state pension funds had filed a lawsuit in New York because they got 45$ million holding in Chrysler’s secured loans. This case went in the favor of Chrysler and they lost it in the high court. Following…

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